EASIEST Off Grid Solar Power System Battery Bank

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This is the easiest off-grid solar power system battery bank we could find. We are doing the biggest upgrade to our off-grid solar system we have ever done. We are installing 8 Battle Born Batteries two Victron charge controllers and a new Victron battery monitor. This is a super-easy way to convert from lead-acid batteries to LiFePO4 batteries.

Battle Born Batteries are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and are great for RV, marine, or any off-grid situation. Check out Battle Born Batteries

How to build our Solar Panel Mounts

2000w Inverter
70A Charge controller
50A Charge controller
Smart Battery Monitor
Fuse Block
Solar Panels

Lug Crimper Tool
Heavy Duty Cable Cutters
3-Pound Sledge Hammer

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  1. Did you do electrical course of some sort? Because you can't just connect wires without any understanding.

  2. You need to cross tie the series connection of the center of the batteries from One string to the other that way you have one giant Bank of 12-volt and the other giant Bank of 12 volt and the batteries remain balanced easier

  3. i need to be able to power everything inside my house and charge a tesla 3, do i need a bigger inverter ? or am i ok with this setup too? just more panels?

  4. FYI you would be better off soldering the battery connectors vs crimping them. Then the connector should be shrink tubed to the connector.

  5. I guess you aren't worried about earthquakes. Those batteries would make a mess. I would also have put in a cutoff switch — that would have prevented the arc.

  6. So for 400 amp hours 2 24v I need 8 batteries? How much did it cost for the 8 lithium ion batteries from battle born sir?

  7. I suggest substitute the WOOD or at least covering all WOOD with STONE or some kind of FIREPLACE grade brick or stone. Lithium sometimes catches fire outta nowhere or explodes.
    or melts if this happens i think it would offer a nice protection but would add $500 to $2000 to the project

  8. Good video.
    Here in poland we had a great system with government, where if you had bigger production from your panels you could send it to them system and in winter have 80% ftom your 100% back. Now they are stopping it and saying the voltage in the system is getting overloaded and will want us to use offgrid batterry back up to store overproduction and use it in the evenig. So i think your system will work perfectly. One question how many KW will this system give back to your house in case of a power cut?

  9. What do the solar panels do with electricity produced once the battery bank is full?

  10. great show but the cost of the lithium batteries makes them cost prohibitive for 99.99% of humanity?

  11. wow this guy big buck spender! Batteries alone $7592.00 @ $949 each per amazon link provided shew!

  12. You need to change you bigger arrays setup to boost the output into your battery's

  13. I've been watching many videos on living off grid and solar energy. What happens to solar power if batteries become scarce? Thanks for your reply.

  14. You have 8,000 dollars worth of Battle Born.
    Why didn't you save money and time and just get a LG Chem or Tesla power wall for 10,000. You get 10 Year Warranty and no mess of a work like yours.

  15. love it but my concern is you need to protect it from any emp attack what is your advice? answer please great video

  16. Hi Just notice your video it all looks great but what is the final cost of all your solar equipment.

  17. this installation of batteries are dangerous plz do not put batteries one another make individual shelves for each battery… the give same space between the batteries for heat pasing.

  18. How many kWh of energy does the 6 panel setup generate per day? Saw 300w, but does that mean per day?

  19. Late to the party but thank you for the videos and the ride along, you are just a regular joe that talks like a regular joe and does regular joe stuff, I love that! Not some person that wants to talk down to the "idiots" in the audience, again I love that!
    I want to do solar here in Thailand but I can not reconcile the cost of the components to the electricity saved. I have 3 inverter type AC wall units that are 1900 start up watts then run at 1300 watts So I need a 10 Kw inverter and maybe 9 hours of battery back up at at least 5 Kwh so battery storage is an issue. I read a lot a watch all the vids I can find, know the math but would really like to just talk to someone that has been there done that you know?
    I do not want to resell to the grid, I feel like if I paid for my equipment why should I supply my neighbors with electricity that I get 10c a Kw for and the utility sells for 17c a Kw. Anyway sorry for the book, peace out and thanks again for the work involved in sharing these videos sir.

  20. Those battles are 1k a pop!! I rather buy Renogy Deep Cycle Hybrid GEL Battery 12V 100Ah for $250.

  21. How much Kwh will it produce?? Im a beginner and very interested to learn and make one myself soon.

  22. but if the grid is down, would your phone and app be working? there'd be no internet

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