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Easiest Crypto Trading Bot Setup for MASSIVE Gains

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Bitsgap sets automated trading bots on Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken and oover 25 other cryptocurrency exchanges. FREE 14 day trial to test it out for yourself. Super easy to setup and get started. This video explains the basics you need to know.

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Best Exchanges to Trade DeFi Tokens on Right Now:
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KuCoin ༻ ༻
BitMart ༻
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Top 5 Passive Income Projects on TRON:
1) Flow 1% Daily ༻
2) Bankroll Stronghold ༻
3) UME Yield Farming 1000+APY ༻
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5) Bankroll Stack ༻

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  1. Thanks for the video, could you please talk about bots in your next video, or if you would like to write a short comment about it. Thanks in advance

  2. It's nice I 've been using for like 2 years – hot tip BAKE/BNB keep to 20 grids

  3. Can you please advise how you can withdraw part of your profit from BitsGap? Will this close out an operating BOT? Does this appear in your exchange like Binance to withdraw? What is the difference in the profits in Bot and that appearing History for those closed Bots. A demonstration video is much appreciated

  4. Hi, man! Could you tell me how much profit in % does the bot gives us to earn per month?

  5. I'm at home because of covid with the kids and am trying to learn about TA and bots. Is there anyone that could bring me into this world and let me just follow along and learn. A small discord of people would be awesome! I can watch a million videos but when questions come up I always get halted. Thanks guys.

  6. bitsgap was the only grid bot i know that got a trailing mode+pump resistant(not 100%).

  7. Bitsgap not worth our time, you still buy low sell high so with spot trading you can make much much more, for example: coin is up by 10% on the bistgap u be only like 3% so minimising your profit, crypto is so volatile support and resistance and will get more than robot!

  8. Nice ad, you forgot to tell the %ROI and what's the minimum funds to earn back the monthly fee.

  9. Tyvm for this work, it’s cool!

    Pls make a review about Ideaology. They connect different projects, industry professionals, individuals, founders and devs. They have a big audience and start listing on Bitcoin Exchange. Should I invest now?

  10. thanks for the video.. so, I saw 2 lists on your video… one did not have binance US, towards the end of the video it listed binance US.. is that exch supported?

  11. Good vid man. Your thoughts on the current TronChain events? You're in pretty heavy aren't you?

  12. I am new to crypto, Please tell me step by step how this works? or how can I start from the scractch?

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