DPoz Reviews: Bluetti AC200P – Updated model for 2021 – Solar Generator

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This is the new, updated model for 2021. Maxoak Bluetti AC200P. This new model has a 48v LiFePO4 battery (lithium iron phosphate). Along with it’s 2000 watt inverter and 700 watt solar charge controller. It worked great through my testing. You will see what it can do, and what it can’t do. The efficiency, and solar charging! This is the video to watch if you are thinking of buying this unit.

My suggested solar panels, two of these:
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Bluetti AC200P:

Bluetti EB240:

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  1. Great video, you really know your stuff. Hope you can can respond soon, I am considering getting 2 of the suggested solar panels (Q CELLS 430 WATT MONO DUO CELL SOLAR PANEL G8.2) & the Bluetti AC200P – I thought you said can send more than 700 watts to the device without a problem, just will only use up to 700 – is this correct, overkill or would you recommend different solar panels to charge the Bluetti > will be using in Arizona (lots of sun)

  2. Hi very detailed video. I have a dilemma if you can help me. I am in van and I want to run instant pot, freezer and electronics. Between dual charge system with inverter and this what is better according to your opinion? Thank you in advance

  3. Dang, doesn't take much technical know how except plugging stuff in, to get a free Bluetti, hey, that's a part that goes in the back, thanks, that's all I needed to know! Now, start my saw!

  4. Wow! The first video I watch from you and I'm impressed! Covered all the bases! Thank you!

  5. great video david! hey i am going to be building a 12x 24 cabin, and wonder if it would be feasible to wire it in 12v and 110v. have both come out into a corner of the room where i would leave the bluetti. i could put male connectors on both elerical systems, and plug them into the bluettie…this way i can take the bluetti with me when trucking, and then power the tiny cabin when back from the road. this way i can have recepticals everywhere in the walls, and i wont have to run extension cords for everything.

  6. I think im going with this one! The most im powering is a heat gun and small pancake compressor for work! Also using for when I go camping and overlanding so can charge in the back from the 12v before departure. I think this will be the one

  7. My eb240 has no problem starting and running my 5000btu ac unit,even when my temperature is set low enough for it to cycle on and off. Its a ge brand.

  8. The difference between the saw and the compressor is due to the more inductive nature of the compressor. Any electrical load (appliance) has a resistive part and a inductive part. The Resistance of an electrical circuit represents the resistance against letting the current flow, … or stop it. Supraconductors are capable of litteraly "0" resistance whereas an electrical insulator has an "infinite" resistance (plastic covering the copper in an electrical cable for ex). Inductance is the physical property representing the resistance against CHANGE of current in an electrical circuit. Typically, electrical motors have a bigger inductance compared to heaters (ex: hair dryer). Sine inverters can deal easily with resistive loads but with much more difficulty with inductive loads. In your test, the inductance of the saw is smaller than the inductance of the compressor, and the Sine inverter deals better with the inductance of the saw than with the one of the compressor.

  9. Love that solar generator but doing the math using my Ryobi 2200/1800 Watt gas generator, I'd have to use it 180 times with a full tank of gas to make the purchase for this worth it. That includes gas, oil, air filter, wear and tear on my truck to get gas. Obviously know the advantages of this but for my use case the price point isn't worth it. Love the video and thank you for taking the time. I wish everyone made videos like this for different use cases and good information! Might buy this later down the road!

  10. I just bought one to run my new mobile home / just light ,fridge.t.v. Radio and charge iPad works great

  11. How does the Bluetti work if you leave the AC inverter on all of the time? How much power is used just by leaving AC on all of the time?

  12. Question. How well/long does it charge via the Aviaton plug connected to a 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter plug?

  13. My ac200p no longer inverts power after using it for 1 hour. Fault code 17. Seems like tons of people have issues. This litter generator seems like a kickstarter/social media product only. The production models are not meant for use

  14. When I was in college taking Physic for 2 semesters, I couldn't imagine ever using an oscilloscope and the experiments were very in depth yet again, not very practical.

    Now, I finally found a use for it and I understand better. When a 220 v / ac Growatt is introduced, the Sine waves become even more interesting (from Your other video).

    Great video: I'm the last month, I've purchased an AC200P, GROWATT 12KW, 56 SOLAR PANELS, AND 2- 5kw-48v batteties….mostly because of your videos.

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