Dope Tech: Boston Dynamics Robot Dog!

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I made friends with a robot dog.

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  1. One thing I really do not understand is why build robots that will try to show and behave like humans or animals? Invest so much in developing walking, jumping,… instead of investing in smart things that can help people and not do what they do. For example this robot is completely useless. Maybe it's impressive that someone tried to prove and built a robot that walks like a dog but really? Why ?

  2. The creators may have seen that black mirror episode, and may not want to allow something similar to happen. But when they eventually come up with a genuine prototype that the military is interested in, then they have no more say in what will happen in it's future. Besides, robotics has already been a thing in the military for over a decade.

    It's cool, but still creeps me out.

  3. You folks are so bright. May I ask as to why you're wearing those stupid particle 'masks'? Something that's tantamount to covering you house with chicken wire to keep the mosquitos out or trying to shovel sand with a two pronged pitch fork. The comparative lack of dynamic reasoning capacity is palpable matched only by Bozo Joe and what is currently polluting the Oral Office at the Out House (formerly the White House). Jeez, try spending less time fitting into the lemming herd and get a grip.

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  7. Calling this a dog is nonsense. Pathetic. It is a walking computer, nothing more. Spot? Give me a break.

  8. Yo why does the thumbnail look like yall snuck into the Dude Perfect Head Quarters?

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  10. finally we have some alien look alike robot to send in outer space to save our dignity to the aliens

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