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Doosan Portable Power How A Generator Works

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The basic breakdown of how a Doosan Portable Power generator works.For more information visit

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  1. are yar ye to har video me dikha rahe he vo jo iisje upar laga huva he uusske bare me batao jo uupar se desial kese kam karta he

  2. I once rented a generator for a EDM event to power the pa system. The bass was going hard. The amps were driving so hard it was causing the generator to review in pulses in Time with the music

  3. Free Energy. FREE Energy, Brazil, Silveira Technique. Output power (consumption) not recorded at the network input. Circuit that feeds the technique Silveira does not see the lamps as active power, that is, for the consumer unit the lamps do not exist! In the video is shown a power of 175 watts connected in the power grid, using the Silveira technique this power is not seen by the consumer unit. With English / Portuguese subtitles. E-mail:

  4. from what I've read, generators do not produce elasticity, they move existing current like a pump.. so the video is flawed

  5. Nice video, however some of the information is not correct. Voltage does not "pass through the rotor coils", when voltage is applied to the rotor, current passes through. It does not produce ac because the "magnetic field builds and subsides". For a constant load and voltage the rotor current and magnetic field is constant. AC is produced because the field rotates and cuts through the stator winding, when the north pole of the electromagnetic cuts the winding current flows in one direction and the south pole causes current to flow in the opposite direction – hence alternating current. Since this is 4 pole rotor it produces 2 sine waves per revolution.

  6. how is the initial magnetic field in d rotor winding generated.kindly explain plsss.

  7. how is the initial magnetic field in d rotor winding generated.kindly explain plsss.

  8. Yes I like this beautiful side I live in Pakistan and electric problem to much in our country thanks for the best idea please tell me more easily I got electric

  9. Working on a way to make a magnetic motor and this helps!
    Thanks. 1 question: you can't "create" energy, only move it from one place or form to another. How do magnets do this? What "energy" are they receiving to create push/pull? Doesn't it have to do with electron exchange or something?  Thanks.

  10. That's a brushless synchronous 3 phase alternator. They good because they have no wearing parts accept the bearings where as most have slip rings which wear but are replaceable of course.

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