Don't buy a new Generator until you watch this!

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I just bought a Duromax 13000EH dual fuel generator to prep for hurricane season. I’ll unbox and start it up as well as put it up against a Generac GP5500 and Predator 3500 generator to test loudness. I plan on using this generator as a backup generator for my house.

⚡️ DuroMax XP13000EH Generator Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Thanks for watching!


Powering a whole house with the Duromax generator.

Converting my Cargo Trailer into an RV Camper!

Dakota Alert DCPA-4K-Plus Driveway Sensor Alarm System

EXPENSIVE Kitchen Countertop for CHEAP!

CHEAP and EASY Raised Garden Beds



Bosch 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw (GCM12SD)
Festool 561438 TS 75 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw
Festool 495381 Fine Tooth Cross-Cut Saw Blade
Bora Portamate PM-P254 Variable Speed Router Motor
WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander
JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift
Woodpeckers MDF Router Table, 24-Inch x 32-Inch

I hope to inspire you to create your own projects at home after watching my videos. In everything from DIY home renovation projects to custom furniture to projects that help us become more self-sufficient, I hope to show you how with a little ingenuity you can make stuff at home too.

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39 comentários em “Don't buy a new Generator until you watch this!

  1. Silly dude. I think even your wife would know that you pull it with the choke on once and then after the first pool you turn the choke off and then you pull it again and then it will start. If you keep going with the choke on you are just going to flooded and you will have hell trying to start it.

  2. Poor puppy. You started that big rig and she slinked away, ears back with a look of "Get me TF away from THAT noise!" : D

  3. Duramax is Honda and theh suck. They will work out of the box : but next your when you need it : it will not start. Real bad rusty carbs

  4. You are supposed to take the red bracket off the engine…. Hook the battery up that why the start stop switch wasn’t working also you are supposed to shut the gas off and run the carburetor completely out before using the propane side.

  5. Your star button isn’t working because you didn’t connect the battery wire which is disconnected in shipping so it won’t drain the battery.

  6. Why compare this sound wise
    with generators that are less than half the size and one an inverter??? It's not a fair comparison

  7. I know nothing about generators. In your application, what all could you run on the 13000?

  8. Not sure, but I think you forgot to remove the orange metal shipping bracket off the bottom of the motor/frame on the DuroMax. Nice machine btw. We have the 12KW which actually runs our homes hvac, fridge, lights etc. We have about twenty hours of runtime on it. So far no probs except the chincy battery that won't hold a charge for long. A new better battery will remedy that. In the meantime it starts first pull every time. Thanks for the video.

  9. Theres nothing in this video to justify the title. Heck, there nothing in this vid to justify posting it.

  10. Nice unit but 2 small for my taste. Currently running the 15k / 22500 at surge generac . I just wish it was dual fuel. My next unit will be the 17500/ 25000 unit. Maybe by then they will have a monster with dual fuel.

  11. Like your dog. He looks a lot like my male GS Max. I would like to see more comparison with the other two generators

  12. I have a troybilt 6250 that o can barely pull start. Are you that strong or is the generator that easy to pull start. You don’t look like your very strong.

  13. We have a 3300 sq ft home with two 4 ton heatpump/AC units with airhandlers, and well pump, and were able to run ONE of the AC's unit along with the well pump, refrigerator and a freezer with no problem. The AC units were made in 2015 so not really new. We ran all of this on just propane so it would be even better if we ran gas.
    P.S. used the 50 amp circuit to a 50 amp inlet box on side of house.

  14. lol ur worried about a few muffliered engines??? lmao got that truck front n center to make n image but ur afraid to make a little noise haha :p im jus messin with u, i run different engines all the time testing them, impacts while working on them, and the 1/2 impact sounds like a machine gun especially depending on what its attached to, some things act like speakers.. anyway im real tight with all my neighbors ill stop when ridin by on the dirtbike n everybodies been nice for over 30 years, as long as u keep a good relationship with ppl dont act like a dick (ridin wheelies up the middle of the street every day) n dont abuse ur freedome to make noise n everybody will b happy.. iv tried so hard to keep this short.. iv rewritten it twice now lol this kinda strikes me tho cuz my creative ass friend who would have all kinds of cool stuff built doesnt do anything at his house 'cuz hes sooo afraid of offending somebody…. the only ppl offended by things they shouldnt, r ppl not worth paying attention to

  15. Another great video, you are very entertaining. I'm putting in a 1000 gallon propane tank. Propane is the only fuel that will last a long time, so I figure I can run a good long time on that big tank. I have a 9000W dual fuel, with the 50 AMP 240V I'll be able to run the whole house if I'm conservative. I got mine at Costco for like 750 bucks I think… That Duromax looks like a beast you'll be able to run everything.

  16. Deez nuts that you install on the feet have a nylock in them.
    You could tell because you can't turn them on all the way, by hand.
    That's why they didn't have a lock washer.

    Thanks, bro!

  17. the experience of my family is that changing propane tanks is a bigger pain that refilling with gasoline. I have a 13000 also. I had it wired into the house. Getting ready to build a new house… whole house natural gas generator (with the city's rebate cheap loan) is in my future. BTW, I really like your ratchet wrench. I never saw one with a nice shape like that.

  18. We were victims of Hurricane Michael. Destroyed our town and homes. Now we are finally building a house and definitely thinking about a home generator! Glad I found this video.

  19. Mann that generator got to be really loud cause I have a gp5500 and it’s screams thought it was the loudest generator around

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