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Quick tour of my 24v 5KW DIY solar power wall.

Link to playlist of how to build a powerwall from start to finish

Link to products used in the video

Makeskyblue 30A charge controller

1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

200W Newpowa solar panels


ISDT Meter

100amp Marine Breaker

8 AWG Pure Copper Wire

Tools i use

ISDT 8S battery Monitor

ToolkitRC 8S charger

icharger X8

Bench Power Supply

Video Source

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  1. Maybe I missed it, but do you have a video on the breakdown of how to put this all together? I checked but couldn’t find it.

  2. So I have 2.5kw in panels, 24v 3000w pure sine inverter, 60A makebluesky, wires and no batteries. I need to build me a small 8 to 10kw battery. Your setup looks cool…

  3. Hi Steven. I am using your model to build my Diy powerwall. How do you calculate the voltage needed to charge your pack ?. How much current are you sending to it for charging ?.

  4. Pls tell me ,how Ah is your power wall.i knw is both solar panels are 200wats each ,and will also charge the power bank properlly

  5. Get a grid tie inverter and run it as a load dump so when batteries are full the inverter will put that small load into the grid

  6. Nice!! I would love to have a schematic diagram of it so i can build one like that.

  7. hi there, been looking for a video with a really good explanation video. Really great video. many thanks for the info. Thou your system is bigger than I need, I know what to do to set it up and I'm only just getting into solar. many thanks again.

  8. This is a video I watched many a times. It is neatly done! I love that!! Great explanation too. One question I have for you. Any reason why you chose common port bms? Don't you think it is better to use a split port bms? Especially if you are going to use it to power up whole house with more solar panels?

  9. This is the exact size and voltage system I want to build. Those other guys with 3 and 4 thousand cell systems are awesome, but definitely not something I could see taking on for a first time project. Plus I've already used that same bms, shunt monitor, and cell balancer in a small 720wh suitcase style battery pack, so I'm already familiar with them . Anyways, thank you for sharing your system and explaining how it all works.

  10. what is your battery make up ? i see it's 7s?P , but i can't tell how many parallel "P"

  11. good morning friend I have a 7s 100p powerwall with delegate 1s active load balancer and also the mppt MakeSkyBlue 60A charge controller I need to connect all you could help giving me the charge parameters for the bulk absorption float controller my email gonzalezjonathan87 @ gmail. with greetings from Costa Rica

  12. looks great 😉 wanted to build something similar but couldnt find good amaunt of 18650 sells for this kind of project…

  13. Hi friend, greetings from Chile … How has this bms worked for you in your system? does voltage balancing work? Cheers

  14. Will this connect to the solar system I have with inverter already installed?… or do I have to have a separate inverter for the powerwall? What is the total cost for this powerwall?

  15. Do you know the efficiency.
    I'm currious about how mutch energie is getting lost.

    It is a Nice and clean system.

  16. i want to create this, but charge from the grid. how do you charge it from the grid?

  17. This is the neatest setup,i like that bms with makeskyblue controller,,hope to have such system sometime

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