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This is 100% a DIY video. Source your items wherever it makes good sense.

If you want to make things easy, we’ve created a kit of the products used in the video:

SKYMAX 12 Volt 600 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter:
NorthStar 12 Volt 40AH Solar AGM Battery:
PWM Charge Controller – 10 Amp:
MC4 Spanner Wrench:
Delta 12 Volt Fan:

Welding Cable – #4 x 1 foot red & 1 foot black:
Solar PV Cable – #10 x 3 foot red & 3 foot black:
Heat Shrink Tubing:

MC4 Bulkhead Fitting (QTY 1):
#4 x 5/16 Lug Terminals (QTY 4):
#8 x 5/16 Lug Terminals (QTY 2):

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26 comentários em “DIY Solar Generator | Missouri Wind and Solar

  1. In your opinion would you suggest adding a low voltage cutoff switch and an inline fuse for inverters with no fuses? Iv got 1000watt sine wave inverter.

  2. Good video and build. I would add a trickle charger to maintain the battery when there is no sun or whhen keeping the unit indoors, and a thermostat for the fan.

  3. Could you share any words of wisdom about ventilation and other precautions? I went with two 6volt 230 amp hour each. I know that means I only have 230 amp hours usable. But my question is abouy my tool box, it has very little extra room inside after every component is installed. There is still a little room for air to move around and I put lots of air holes and a fan of course, but do you think it poses an issue that these batteries are so big in a tight area close together? Will they produce heat and dangerous fumes?

  4. This video is greatly helpful!
    I built mine in 2 hours today with your help! Found every component in my small town stores for a good price. Very happy with it!
    Thank you so much!
    I chose to bypass the use of an outdoor ac outlet and just made an opening for the front of the inverter to come through instead. I chose to use a small USB fan that plugs into the inverter USB port. Everything looks and works great! Can't wait to use this camping.

  5. Would definitely have used lithium iron phosphate. Much cheaper in the long run. Also, you are missing a FUSE on the battery. I would not feel safe the way you have it.

  6. Great job! I love the way you showed the basics and continually emphasized that the it's the builder who is ultimately in charge of the project's scope, design, scale, and cost (i.e., type/size of battery, inverter size, pv panel output, etc.). With this video, the builder can go as simple or as Gucci as he/she wants, but the fundamentals of the build are what is MOST important and you captured that perfectly. Fantastic…keep up the good work.

  7. I'm planning to build about a 28×28
    small house ( I 40 x143 in Tnn ) .
    I'll need a off grid solar system to completely power it ( wind power
    backup optional ) . House will be
    home (full time) for Wife & Myself .
    That means I'll NEED full power ,
    full time ( for EVERYTHING a normal
    house needs power for 24/7 365 ) .
    Do You offer something ( affordable
    that's less than the house ) that will work ?

  8. As a general guide on how to build your own BICC (Battery, Inverter, Charge Controller) this video is pretty decent. I like the way you presented it as an open-ended concept of what can be done. As others have already mentioned, I definitely would have chosen a LiFePO4 battery, with higher capacity, and I would have placed the outlets near the top of the box for both convenience and safety.

  9. Quick question and I'm asking around:

    I have two, 12v solar controllers.

    But lets say I plug a 40 volt "Lithium Polymor" Battery into a charge controller instead of solar cells.

    Do you say there is a better way?

    This way I can use my lithium cells in conjuction with my lead acid to run my Inverter.

    Good idea? Bad idea?

    Like.. I can use a lead acid, to run an inverter, to use a usb cable and charge my Polymors up.

    So…. Wouldn't using the charge controller be like the same thing in reverse?

    This way instead of only being able to pull 12volt 20amps from the charge controller when the inverter is on, do you think I could pull from the polys without starting a fire?

    This way the polys can be at 40volts and pull 20amps

    Or even put my leads in series for 48 volt 20 amps through the solar port instead of the 12 volts battery port?

    I'm asking around to get the best idea and I feel like you might have some good insight

  10. why that battery? I would think if you are comparing it to premade units by price most them use lithium iron phosphate. Good build I love the rigid case. You should watch Will Prowse he does some great things with lithium and solar generators.

  11. unless i missed it where did you plug the fan into the charge controller, into the load side.

  12. Pure black box and fan. Asking for heat and trying to get rid of heat at the same time.

  13. I am just about done making my generator. This is nice but I went with the Rolls Royce option. 2.5Kwh LiFePO4 battery, 50 amp pwm charge controller, 3KW inverter and a slew of DC USB ports and 12v dc outs. Plus I made to whole thing able to function in the rain. Was as expensive as the commercial generators but I got 2.5x the energy, 3x the power, 10x the charging capacity and don't have to worry about the batteries catching fire. I wanted something that could power a tiny, high efficiency window AC unit as I live where I have to worry about hurricanes.
    This is really something that most people should have for emergencies unless you got natural gas piped to your house with a NG powered generator.

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