DIY Solar Generator | Infinite Cheap Renewable Energy

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Do you want to harness the free energy provided by our sun every day? Have you looked at commercial portable solar generators but have been put off by their cost, or perhaps their lack of storage, power output or expensive accessories? I know I was! Maybe it’s time to do it yourself, get all the features you want, have a lot of fun and save money at the same time! Take a deep dive with me looking at the DIY Portable Solar Generator I built!

Components Used:
VersaStack Wheeled Toolbox –
VersaStack Full Toolbox Stack –
Victron 100/15 MPPT Charge Controller –
1500W 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter –
Rich Solar 2x 100W Panels –
120W 12V Regulator –
USB-C PD Socket –
USB QC3.0 Socket –
12V Lighter Socket –
Battery Monitor Meter –
50A Single Pole DC Circuit Breaker –
12V Thermostat Fan Controller –
80mm Case Fan Cover –
Built-In AC Outlets + USB Ports –
MC4 Crimp Kit –

Helpful LithiumSolar DIY Generator Video:

Where I Bought My Recycled Batteries:
Battery Hookup:

Video Source

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20 comentários em “DIY Solar Generator | Infinite Cheap Renewable Energy

  1. Came back for another watch. Ordered two 100ah/1200w SOK LiFePO4 which I will connect in series for 24v. Though I have the dimensions of the batteries, I will order/buy a toolbox/case AFTER I receive the batteries. I am going to with a 2000w Giandel inverter, with a Victron MPPT charge controller. I want a cushion in wattage so I can run a microwave without any worries. I do not plan on powering power tools but it is nice to know I can. Only my BB system can run a chop saw and heat gun.
    I currently have 3 solar/battery boxes which I bought and am using now on a daily basis to verify time for recharging, how long it will run given devices/appliances. One Bluetti 2400w, one Bluetti 1500w, one DIY battleborn 2x100ah 2400w system. I also built a HAM radio box with a Bioenno 12ah LiFePO4 battery. Solar or wall chargeable and use a separate 300w inverter for ac as needed (low watt devices only, say 150w max?)
    I like the various systems. I can run my freezer easily off the BB system. During sunny weather, I also run 2 TVs, my PC and a LED lamp all day on the BB system. At night I use powerbanks to run my LED lamps. I do this to test now, so I know what to expect later should they be my only available power sources.
    I only have 1000w of solar panels and the Bluetti's can take forever to charge and max out on ~300w of solar. The Growatt MPPT all-in-one system can feed the BBs easily with the three 200w panels dedicated to it, but I need to get at least another 200w. I plan on running my inside fridge and garage freezer off the BB system.

  2. Frickin' outstanding! You gave me a ton of ideas for my next build! I will not be buying individual cells and wiring them into batteries, but will build the system by myself. Thanks!I have been thinking about hinged panels, but carrying them and setting them up seems like it would be a hassle.

  3. I just ordered 340 of those cells. How's everything in your build holding up. Anything you had to replace or wanted to upgrade?

  4. Hi, awesome build. Did you take it out to the field yet? Would like to know average charge time and your run time when on the field. Best.

  5. Brilliant video, shame I'm not into the drone stuff otherwise your delivery and explanations were perfect lol I would have 100% subscribed haha. Maybe a second channel for all things energy/diy?

  6. Hi John, I am just now seeing your build. Thanks for sharing all that info. I heard you say that you did not have access to the full power of the inverter because of your smaller breaker. I think the inverter probably has a built in AC receptacle. So, if you needed the full power, you could just raise the lid and plug your device in directly. Once again, Thanks.

  7. Great build. Nice package with all the essentials. Sorry if I missed it while you were going over everything but what amperage bms are you using?

    I'm in the middle of building a 7s27p 18650 battery (for a portable box similar to yours and @lithiumsolar ) recycling 189 Panasonic 2900mah 18650 cells for a total of 2.1kWh of storage. (I live near so I pick up everything in person)

  8. Do you have a wiring diagram available? No sure how you incorporated the DC voltage converter.

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