DIY Solar Energy Storage Battery | Easy Assemble 48V LiFePO4 Module | All Kits Included

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Seplos household storage solution – 51.2V 100Ah Battery module
This solution provides all the accessories and parts used in the video. And let the customers assemble their own batteries.
Pusung battery pack compatible with CANBUS and RS485 communication protocol, which means the battery pack could communicate with Victron, Goodwe and Growatt inverters, as well as Pylontech and BYD products.

Order now:
PUSUNG Energy storage battery pack (rackmount):

More information about SEPLOS products:
PUSUNG-S (Stackable, same in the video) 48V 100Ah Energy Storage Battery Pack:
PUSUNG-R (Rack-mount) 48V 100Ah Energy Storage Battery Pack:
SUTEN-W (Wall-mount) 48V 100Ah Energy Storage Battery Pack:
MYTEN 48V 50Ah Energy Storage Battery Pack:
PARA 12V 100Ah Energy Storage Battery Pack:
3.2V 100Ah battery cell:

Tips when connecting batteries
* Never cross the open positive and open negative terminals with each other
as this will short circuit the batteries and cause damage or injury.
* Be sure the batteries you’re connecting have the same voltage and capacity rating
Otherwise, you may end up with charging problems and shortened battery life.

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  1. I've been trying to contact somebody at this company for the last two weeks seems like their website is totally screwed up takes forever after 8 days was able to get the chat to work on their website but after the first robo message it appears that nobody is in the office or even alive in China from the response I'm getting from the website.
    It's pretty pathetic by the time somebody comes up with a product that looks decent like this one and then there's absolutely no way to contact anybody at the company to purchase it even tried calling China the phone doesn't work the chat doesn't work took 10 emails before they stopped bouncing back but nobody appears to be home I suspect this company is supported by the Chinese government and is just fake.
    That are the covet situation is really bad and everybody at the factory is dead….

  2. We build the unit, it has no circuit breaker or soft start recharge resistor, and it is TWICE the price of comparable rack mount units… um… no.

  3. It seems strange that the outside connectors aren't directly attached to the BMS PCB and use a thin wire instead. It would save some wiring to do this. Also the bridge wires could be thicker, if that is a 300A fuse then those wires will get hot quickly and countersunk screws would be better on the outside for handling.

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