DIY solar charging lithium battery wall

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DIY solar charging 18650 lithium powerwall /PART 2/
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42 comentários em “DIY solar charging lithium battery wall

  1. Could turn voltage down to 4.0 volts per cell. Your cycle life would be extended by a long time.

  2. Hello, when there is no current coming from the panels, is there no current flowing in the reverse direction from the batteries towards the module?

  3. Nothing worse than clicking on a vid like this only to have music playing and nothing else.

  4. Oh, SHIT wait I've just realized do you really need a solar charge controller???? Whatever do they actually do?

  5. So, you dont use any solar controler? hmmm… The problem with solar controlers are that they can charge only up to 14V… it mena that cell will be macx on 3.5V, what is empty cell…

  6. I wonder, there is no reverse current protection in both the bms circuit and the dc converter. How are you charging the batteries.

  7. how are you taking care for CCCV charging of li-ion cells. If guide me something related to it

  8. I wish someone would trust me as much as he trusts on the hot glue holding his cell block in place.

  9. Too many questions left unanswered and I don't believe even if you did explain everything, I still think this is half baked! One big question I have is "Where are your fuses"??? As it stands, it looks more like a timebomb with no fuses! No sub here!
    EDIT: Oh yeah, what's with the ads every literally 2 minutes, WOW?!?!

  10. Cool video! But, I do not understand, why 4S instead of 3S, and why all this without solar controller? And what power (watt) of the two solar panels? Thanks.

  11. "Wall" Haha its not that big but looks pretty nice! Did those solar panels provide enough power?

  12. i had a bms like the first one you showed those little wires make it run hot.seams like they are backwards.any suggestions??

  13. It would be cool to mount the batt with a din rail, and PCB adapters, I may try that if I make a small project like this, mine has over 1400 cells, just starting out, and my small batt bank, it is LiFePo4 26650's, 4 packs of 36cells,in a 4sconfiguration, capable of 100 amps, each! (bms limited) the cells can easily supply double that!, it is for DC lighting and accessories, charged from my 24v system for now, I will add its own solar setup later, I have a 20amp controller for it , just need panels!! I'd say atleast 200-300 watts, great video…

  14. If solar panel changes his voltage( from the sides of light) , the dc step down olso change his voltage ?!!

  15. merci pour cet video , je ne parle pas l'anglais , et je me demande a quoi sert le DC – STEP – down converter ?? , ainsi que le réglage du voltage ? merci

  16. I don't get it. You appear to be creating cell level fusing, but then you leave the bridging at the bottom from one cell bank to the next. This would carry more current than the fuses, so even if the fuse did blow, the current still has a path. Am I missing something?

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