DIY All in One Portable Solar Power Pack || Low Cost Solar Generator

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Parts Used :

1. Solar Panel : or

2. Battery :

3. Solar Charge Controller :

4. Inverter :

5. Dual USB Socket :

7. Switch :

9. Volt Meter :

10.LED Holder :

11. Female Power Jack :

12.Resistors : 1K

13. Heat Shrink :

14. Crimping Terminals :

15. Carrying Box :

16 . Battery Charger :

17. Screw terminals row :

18. USB LED Bulb :

19. Self adhesive Velcro :

Tools :

1. Drill :

2. JigSaw :

3. Soldering Station :

4. Hot Air Blower :

5.Hot Glue Gun :

6. Wire Stripper :


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47 comentários em “DIY All in One Portable Solar Power Pack || Low Cost Solar Generator

  1. bhai jugad to shi hai but thoda professional way se krta …… pura inverter chipkane ki kya jrurat thi uski socket use krta to better dikhta and indian desi standard sockt lga k to nas hi mardiya brother hybrid socket mil jati market se

  2. Good idea for portable energy, however don't advertise it as "green power" because it isn't. Solar panels contain hazardous toxic materials. Moreover them and batteries use a lot of fossil fuel burning to get produced (mining for necessary commodities like lithium, lead, cobalt, manufacturing, disposal, etc). If you actually consider fossil fuel burning a problem (I don't) you have a problem. However, I love the anarchist, off-the-grid, underlying idea. Thanks for posting.

  3. dear sir how much it total costs for making it??. i also want to make it myself so please give some rough estimate to make it?????

  4. This battery is too heavy for only glouing it on the carry case. Hope it dosent hang out. Could cause serious short circuit… Overall nice project

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