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Deriv Smart trader Bot! Works 100% on volatility! $7 to $10662

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Saiba mais clicando em Robô IQ OPTION de AUTOMATIZAÇÃO de Lista de SINAIS
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  1. I feel like the price you going it out for is less than the actual price you should be selling it for

    I made $4000 in profits from $400 in 2 days im sure everyone else can do it by just simply pressing RUN then coming back 3 hours after and closing and taking profits

  2. Hy mr Benard, its Lyod from harare im not sure if you remember me, you did account managment for me in january to february on my account with 200 and turned it to $9000 in 1 month and we shared profit, i bought myself a Honda fit, thank u sir your work is amazing

  3. Hy its Ruby in your group, i have the robot, i invested $47 and let it to run for 1hour. Closed it later on now my balance is $350 problem is i havent uploaded my documents, when i tried to withdraw they locked my cashier and told me to upload my id and POR or bank statement, i did friday evening after work but today sunday they have not replied. How long does it take to verify documents?

  4. Y is their site so slow I HV a bot but it's difficult to run the deriv site is not opening

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