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Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Explained! Are They Even Worth It?

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How do cryptocurrency trading bots work? Are they worth it in 2021? Which are the best trading bots? What are the pros and cons of crypto trading bots? For the answer to all these questions, please watch this video overview of cryptocurrency trading bots by Fez! He also covers 3 of the top trading bots – Gunbot, Haasbot, and 3 commas bot. If you have used bots before or have any thoughts or questions at all, then please leave us a comment down below!

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  1. Have yall used trading bots before? If so which ones do you recommend?

  2. I have a quick question. I am looking for something to alert me when my crypto drops to a certain point. I am not technical. Would I want to actually use a bot or just a crypto alerts as I see both. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

  3. so you keep moving your funds to wallet everyday and incur hundreds of dollars of fees and wipe out your account? nice advise.

  4. Nice video man, to be a successful investors or trader to be precise takes time and money of which I didn’t have on excess and to be an investor has always been my desire as I have heard many stories regarding to Bitcoin and how profitable the currency is and seen some of my colleagues at work celebrating each day and speaking all about their profits..the. I was becoming more interested in the marks tho I had littlest knowledge on how the system works. I bought some fractions of BTC Worth $12,000 and Hodl them for some time until I find someone who can be of help in trading. So lucky my colleagues at work who celebrates made mention of Mike Chabot Trade I approach them to make inquires I was given his contact info my first 3weeks trading with his signals got me $35,500 What kept me moving had been more trading and less hodling and I am super pumped for the halving Mike was very resourceful to me as well with his very accurate signals, advice and mentor ship…Mike Chabot system is perfect for newbies who would not risk loosing rather than profiting enormously from trading….Mike Can be reached on telegram/WhatsApp +1 424 358 5968….Or Gmail…[email protected]gmail.com ,for professional assist

  5. Thanks for video and thanks for not putting horrible music in the background! I actually hate trading (don't have the patience for it) but i like the idea of auto bot trading. Yes, i appreciate the risks of such. Your video suggests a 4-step process which makes sense. But i really want a one-step process where i simply sign up to bot trading for a monthly fee (which includes the investment funds and exchange connections which i don't need to worry about) and the company/bot starts trading. Does such a product exist yet or is the marketplace still too young for such?

  6. more of the same, these bots are like bait balls to the sharks, better do your own thing

  7. I made my own algoritm, so i skipped some of the cons but damn its harder than you think. For example the bot buys bitcoins equivilent for 6000$ but for 10,5$m the price raises to 6020$ but the profit is less than i bought for

  8. Has anyone tried trality.com?
    I've tried their drag&drop bot creator tool to build one for myself, and I have to say it worked out for me well. They also have a facility to code bots in Python, but that is definitely not for me, ha-ha xD

  9. Hello good information on your video, just wanted to ask you, what do you think about the bitcoin trader app, I've seen reviews saying it's a scam, and some saying it's totally legit, Im interested in bitcoin but not sure where to start.

  10. Bitcoin has experienced huge price dumps lately and the price is estimated to drop more. It has experienced drops from the $7,500 resistance down to $6,500 and currently trying to hold the $7,200 resistance but it’s projected to still go down low as $6,500 again. For me I advise investors to always accumulate and multiply their portfolio through trading because that’s the only way to stay profitable regardless of any market price. I am currently trading under the guidance of Allan Shaw a well-seasoned and expert trader, with his signals being implemented in my trades I have grown my portfolio to 10 BTC from just 3 BTC in just 3 weeks. I trade, accumulate, and hold my profits while waiting on the imminent bull run Allan could be reached on WhatsApp {+48 732121976} or Telegram @Allanshaw for any crypto related inquiries.

  11. Thanks a lot for taking your time to create this, i would like to see how an Api is set up. Thank you

  12. You forgot one of the best no Bullshit and no crazy fucken over priced bot software out there called Crypto Hopper… I have personally made very good gains and I am just using the basic $20 per month version… this trading bot program is actually worth a lot more and those other 3 charge Bullshit rates, I have looked at them all… Crypto hopper beats them all and is extremely simple to use…

  13. Is there a way I can reach you pertaining to this information? Thank you for your time

  14. Thank you, first of your vids that I’ve seen. I really liked it and appreciate your time. I would like to see how an API is set up, however nobody else has asked. I’m sure I can search and find something. Anyway, thanks and I will look at your other vids. Take care, Dean

  15. A profitable automatic trading bot would not be for sale because any profitable trading strategy that is used by too many is going to eliminate its advantage. So all bots that offer "profitable" automatic trading strategies are by default suspicious

  16. I think certain bots can be useful to help a trader execute orders, but the trader should be the ultimate decision maker.

  17. Great explanation but not all platforms are scams and Arbitraging trading bot platform is amazing and here to stay for the long run!

  18. Ive heard of Gunbot before, but not the other ones. Thanks for sharing your research on this topic Fez!

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