CryptoCurrency – Is The BULL RUSH Finished? Future Trends & Concerns

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26 comentários em “CryptoCurrency – Is The BULL RUSH Finished? Future Trends & Concerns

  1. As one can tell, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin, it is a cryptographically signed record of a transaction and store of value. Ethereum was first launched in mid-2015. This means it is still a relatively new technology but it is indeed taking the world by storm. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also built on a public blockchain. Think of the blockchain as a public ledger of all the transactions that are taking place. The central idea behind the Ethereum protocol is that of “smart contracts”. It is also a piece of blockchain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. On the Ethereum network, miners work to earn “Ether”. This is also used by application developers to pay for transaction fees on the entire network, and also if invested wisely, it is guaranteed to yield great profits and additional income for the investor, after studying ethereum carefully, i can boldly say that i can give good guidance and tips on how and where to invest and profit good gains from Ethereum, as it is going up more consistently than was expected. [email protected]

  2. Update 25 March 2018 Google to no longer show binary options ads. Google will stop carrying advertisements for binary options after criticism from Australian authorities.

  3. Pretty much everyone who ever wanted to speculate on cryptocurrencies has by now. I.e. this is the beginning of the crash. It's won't be a crash to nothing however, there will always be cryptocurrencies. Eth, Btc and similar big names will probably be good in the long run, especially Btc as it will always have the status of being "the first", and the most secure and is recognised as the defacto digital asset now, but the spot for a useful currency is wide open as Btc has stepped down from that role.

    This part is totally unpredictable, because it relies on people, all of this value is only in our minds untill it's actually providing real value to real people. At the moment even Btc is being propped up by dark web dealing, money laundering and speculation. Banks and governments will only ever use their own cryptocurrencies, and all but the biggest 2 or 3 will probably always be near junk, because all they have is speculation. There is not a country in the world with more than 1 currency, and given that cryptocurrencies transcend national borders, there isn't much need for more than 2-3 commonly used cryptos, when what's infinitely more important than minor features like a little faster transaction time, or a bit more security is acceptability as a means of payment i.e. adoption. Fees however will be a major factor, and the balance of who gets what between the miners and users who both need each other, and how transaction fees are managed.

  4. Your Explanation of why block-chain is a good technology fails to acknowledge that mining is expensive and the block-chain from something like bitcoin becomes instantly unsecure the moment someone reaches 51% control over the network.

    Furthermore you have the competitive market for block-chain transaction within the miners, leading to a increase in costs of mining to make money, while the complete network looses all value the second someone actually "wins" that competitive drive within the miner community. So block-chain technology will always be more democratic than other solutions to electronic money transfer, but never cheaper.

    And btw ask bitcoin user about immediately getting transactions and the transaction fee's they would have to pay for an immediately transaction. 😉
    Hint we are talking here about something like four digit price tags for immediately transactions at least.

  5. Anyone interested in the "AI" Markets or Neurochain ICO – I have collected a few of articles that cover it nicely.
    (1) Intelligent Blockchain Reinvents Business
    (2) The NeuroChain ICO Philosophy
    and last but not least…
    (3) ICO Investors, What You Must Know
    Hope these are helpful.

  6. Banks don't need, nor want cryptocurrency in private hands. Any benefits are outweighed by the lack of control. Banks do enjoy laundering money, but when regulators target crypto, there will be a real crash.

  7. Hey Brian(a dumb question here), can you use old GPUs like gtx 2xx or HD 4xxx for crypto currency? Sorry, I'm a newbie here.

  8. schmucks ! make money while you can, because the Rothschilds will not give up there Fiat system so easy as people think

  9. Cryptocurrency have value if only you buy into to it or mine it. the moment people want to use the money they trade it to real currency the cryptocurreny loses it's value. The smart people already pulled out half of the coins they have and trying to pursue others to get into it to make it raise the cryptocurrenies value up. that's why there are marketing it and doing sales pictch everywhere. To make sure their assets wont lose it's values because of people dropping out of it now.

    The other part that there are making new coins to mine but those values have are just a hypetrain to jump onto. When they change the currency to bitcoin or other (because bitcoins value keeps going up mostly ) the other crypto loses it's value but the difficulty just raises. In some point of time the difficulty is so high they will lose instead of gain. then they have to create a new coin currency again. Its a endless cycle of new coins but in reality gpu mining isn't that good anymore. It is more effecient to use asics mining something today.

    I don't really care either way, but im sure the world will burn and we all will die 😀

  10. This is by far the worst time for buying computer HW (even used). People are selling used GTX 750Ti's for the same price as brand new (3 years ago) here. I hope no one buys them anything. They can go to ** for what I care.

  11. I beleive crytocurrency wont be successful if Countries keep passing laws that make it illegal..

  12. I got no problem for CryptoCurrency but as a gamer gfx and ram prices are too high so i would like CryptoCurrency to die!

  13. XRP (Ripple) is probably a good investment.

  14. It's a trend. The past three years, BTC has slumped at the beginning of the year.

  15. This kid from south Africa explains the breakdown of crypto currency do' & don't UFDTECH start with will GPUs return to normal

  16. Take for what it is 80% of bitcoin was mined by early Jan 2018 and it gets harder to mine at end….. China is getting the lions share..

  17. would try doing mining but im a poor college student with only 1 gtx 1060 and not enough money to spare to replace if it breaks from mining

  18. I'm no expert but crypto currency (CC later on) is basically a currency, like euro or dollar, right ?
    Mining is the generator of the currency, meaning there is a constant production of units of CC so there is a constant inflation of the price of proper currency (you need more units of CC to get cash compared to before).
    But the prices are rising (I'm not talking about crashes, just the general trend).

    /! My hands and brain are now out of hand and I wrote stuff on top of my head, might be relevant. Might not. /!
    To be read with half a moon of salt

    So the rise is justified by physical investments, stocks in short.
    What I'm trying to figure out is either the production of CC is gonna be completely broken by using supercomputers which would lead to a HUGE crash in prices and banks forsaking CCs or is there going to be a regulator at some point ?

    Imagine the UK which uses £ as their currency. Say there is currently 1 million units of cold hard cash in the market (so no stock, just bank notes and change). I see CC as generating 1 penny at a time, which doesn't do much in the scale of things but UK's central bank decided there should be 1 million pounds in the market, not more nor less (that's why burning, destroying or creating money is a crime) because that's where they think the balance of the economy is. Now imagine warehouses generating pounds per minute, each minute there is a theoretical inflation of 0.000001% in the economy. So each minute the value of 1£ should decrease by 0.000001% compared to other currencies. A year later (525600 minutes if you wondered) you've got an inflation of 52.56% if it's 1£/min all warehouses included, how in the name of everything holy is that gonna work out ?! To balance everything back up, prices are gonna be 52.56% higher.

    Now that was hypothetical. My point is, as long as production is regulated it can be contained, that's the job of the central bank in my example, but when you get individuals involved, it's basically throwing shit in a fan turning very very fast. They WILL try to produce as much as possible to fatten their wallets until they realize their 500£ notes aren't even worth 1€.

    I said it before, I'm no expert, there is a shitload of factors that will help the CCs and balance that inflation but I can't help imagining warehouses controlling banks through their CC or CCs completely disappearing.

  19. Back the crypto with best hardware companies behind them as they all suffer scaling issues. A zip file has 256bit encryption why waste $300 on a drive lol.
    Make an encrypted usb key with encrypted zips of master keys.

  20. "Digital currencies for a digital age" Shure … enjoy trying to buy something with your digital currency when you have no electricity. Stupid premise.

  21. 😐 Most likely the terrorists and dictators are dancing cos all of their transactions are untraceable; thanks miners for turning the world in a extremely dangerous place, all of that blood is on your hands.

  22. STILL at 9k.. what is everyone saying it is "done" for.. its JUST a price dip.. happened last year too.. (tax time) happens every year. (when you sell price drops/ thats how it works) just stop with the "is it over" videos IT ISNT EVER "over". even B4 it started rising in price it was STILL at a comfortable 1k..

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