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Crypto Trading Bots Tutorial For Earning Daily Returns ( Bitsgap Review )

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Bitsgap is the best crypto trading bots to earn daily returns

Get Started With Bitsgap for FREE

Setup a new Binance account for the bot

Need help getting started? Email me: [email protected]

Disclaimer: All information here is not financial advice. Please do your own research. **Trading is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading**


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  1. This feels great man

    Ok, I want to tell that this Enecuum is really cool. is really great. I rarely see coins that are not verbal, but really guarantee not only in words.

  2. I need your advice again, fella. came across an article aboutAs I understand, their goal is to revolutionize the DEX market. Should I join them?

  3. I watched so many videos over past week, and most of the idiots are doing 20 mins or longer video, this guy was to the point. I like it….well done.
    I set up my bot.

    Just 1 question, I am from UK, bought gbp, and started trading gbpbtc, say I want bot to run on dotbtc, do I just add money to gbp on binance ?

    UPDATE….I deactivated bot, useless…and you need more than 5k invest on one pair to see proper profit to cover your subscription fees….

  4. Maybe I could send you some pics some how via email maybe so you could have more of an idea thanks very frustrated I really want to start trading

  5. Hi Adam yes I connected through an API and am at a loss why my laptop screen looks so different to all the other videos on YouTube. I have tried all the icons on the s green to try and get it on the screen like you but nothing works.

  6. Adam what happens if it lost all your money will it carry on trading so you owe money or does it stop ?

  7. Hi Adam I have all my currency in Cardano can you trade with that instead of Bitcoin. If not do I need to by Bitcoin on a new binance platform. And do I need extra cash to buy the other currencies that I want to trade with or does the bot sell your Bitcoin to by them. Thank you Mick

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