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Crypto Trading Bots For Beginners (BEST CRYPTO BOTS 2021)

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Bitsgap bots are the best crypto trading bots in the game. The best crypto trading bots for 2021. They are super easy to use, setup, and they give you a 14day Free Trial. This is just one of many Crypto Trading Bots videos I will be making for Bitsgap. I’m still super new at setting up my bots so take it for what it is. I’m just so grateful for the level of customer service I received from Bitsgap. I couldn’t wait to out a video to thank them.


00:00​​​ Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners
00:15 Bitsgap Bots Review Intro
01:00 Best Crypto Bots 2021
01:25 Setting up trade with Take Profits
02:07 Trade on any exchange from one terminal
05:22 Thank You Bitsgap and Ivan
09:00 Trailing Profits
10:30 How to Calculate Bot Profits
11:42 Earn Profits from Sharing Bot Setups
12:51 Signals
13:05 Exchange Arbitrage with Bots
14:46 Linking Bots To Exchange
17:26 What Echanges does Bitsgaps Work With
18:31 Picking Pairs for Trading
19:51 Thank You Bitsgap and IVAN



18 Comentários

  1. Goes to iOS store. Types in Bitsgap. Everything pops up except an app that’s actually named Bitsgap.

  2. Bot creators are fools. A Good bot to create double the money in one months.

  3. Was just wishing for something like this. Godsend. Miracle. Thank you man. New sub

  4. Question if this point is really great. Waiting your opinion on Enecuum asap

  5. I have a quick question. I am looking for something to alert me when my crypto drops to a certain point. I am not technical. Would I want to actually use a bot or just a crypto alerts as I see both. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

  6. Hello mate! This video is great!!
    I am new in the crypto community. But I catched some profitable things about DOT.Finance. I believe it’s the best time to jump in

  7. Hope this assist me make some cash.

    But, dude, what about CVR? Will you review them? Their marketplace and staking options seem valuable! it would be great if you tell me your opinion about them

  8. 1.) I was thinking that Bitsgap would import existing holdings, so that I could BOT trade on what I already own, based on additional FIAT that I allocate for when buying the dips. SBOT is percentage based only current holdings purchased via Bitsgap? It doesn't seem to be importing my current holdings that I currently have on Kucoin. Maybe I am confused… 2.) Possible to change existing BOT settings, or stop and start a new one? 3.) I understand that a low yield 50/50 strategy on a sideways moving coin will be exactly that, low yield. But what should be my minimum to stop that BOT and move on to something else?

  9. As a beginner is good to place an investment so that your profits returns will be massive

  10. Ryan – Can you ask #IVAN the Great how to apply the bots to already purchased coins if it is feasible? Cheers bud top work again! Respect from Ireland (Eire)

  11. Ryan – Top work again, really learning so much! when Ivan the Great is back during the week can you query him on how to apply smart scaleout/exit and trailing stop loss on already purchased coins in our portfolios as it doesn't appear as easy as when you create a purchase order in BitGap from the start. Smart Money ; )

  12. Hands down, really good introduction into tradingbots.
    Going a bit fast to follow but I might try this out

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