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CRIMINAL JUSTICE BACHELOR'S DEGREE: broken down completely, class by class

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This is the criminal justice degree broken down. This degree is Sam Houston State University’s degree plan, every university has its own degree plan and this one was mine! I included my legal studies minor.

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-Where do you go to school? Sam Houston State University
-Where are you from? Texas
-What are you studying? Criminal Justice with a pre-law minor
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  1. Criminal Investigations, White Collar Crime, Cyber Crime, Special Offenders/Needs, Violent Offenders is the ones I'm currently looking at need a few more! lol. I am leaning more to the Homeland Security Investigations and Immigration Enforcement side though.

  2. I have a bachelors and masters degree in criminology excellent video for those that want to pursue law school

  3. Hello, I’m a junior in high school and am heavily looking into pursuing criminal justice as a major in college, but I have recently heard that there is a chance I will be needing to take a foreign language class in order to do criminal justice.I just finished 3 years of Spanish in high school and not sure if I’m willing to go through that again in college. Is it true that I might have to take a foreign language class to pursue criminal justice?

  4. This video was really helpful thank you. Also I just thought I would point out that when you were talking and said it was hard to explain.. I totally understand what you were saying so no worries girly.

  5. Thanks so much , you gave me a broad understanding to what I’ll be facing in college next year

  6. Hey Samantha, I am thinking about start Criminal Justice next Fall at UCF, and I am watching your videos, and I am enjoying. I don’t know of you have videos about it because I just got to your channel, but I would love to hear you talking about the books and reading. Was it too heavy? Thank you.

  7. I am debating between majoring in Criminal Justice or being a RN! I can’t decide!! I just started school again so I have to start from the beginning and I have looonggg way to go but still I can’t decide!

  8. What was the work load like? I have a job that gives me close to full time hours and I'm trying to figure out how to play my schedule out.

  9. Go ahead girlfriend! I am here contemplating (and praying about) a career change so I am here watching your video! I am all about social justice, healing, counseling, ministry and the arts! Good luck to you and thank you for your video!

  10. This is exactly what my major and minor are
    I just finished my core and I am starting the major core and minor classes as well

  11. I care about that because I’m interested in the criminal justice program or in the field

  12. When you get degree can you just apply for police force not have to go to police academy

  13. awesome

    im also a student that's majoring in criminal & am gonna have that on internet starting january 19th

  14. I'm a Criminal Justice major who is getting a minor in Crime Scene Investigation ❤

  15. Hi I'm interested in criminal justice. What subjects did u take in high school??

  16. Me too… clearly your schools accredited….I took the same courses at Strayer University….cept I concentrated on Community Corrections.

  17. I’m very interested in doing criminal justice I’m just afraid all the classes look so confusing. Dm please angelll.tx

  18. Hey I just got accepted to SHSU going for a CJ major. Explain the classes in detail on the course work and how much the load is. Thanks I’m taking it online.

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