CRAZY SPEEDS – UK 5G Mobile Broadband Speed Test and Huawei 5G CPE Pro Review

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19 comentários em “CRAZY SPEEDS – UK 5G Mobile Broadband Speed Test and Huawei 5G CPE Pro Review

  1. any issues a year on – thinking of dumping sky. i live near tower bridge im getting 120 mb on just 4g because noone in city of london

  2. This is where 5g falls flat PING… I'm a gamer and ping is just too high on 5g at moment

  3. Have you considered getting an external arial? Apparently it can help much more so. If you get one to test can you do a video?

  4. Very handy – thanks. I was just about to switch to EE, but hadn't heard of Voxi before, so will check them out.

  5. Thanks for this REALLY helpful review! How is it now mate you've had it for 9 months. Is it still good?

  6. the antennas take up most of the room which is why its hollow also you don't really want dense plastic covering the antennas when using high frequencies.

  7. how has been been holding up over the long term use im thinking about buying on but also getting the external antenna and sticking it on my roof

  8. hi i have seen a 5g hub on 3 which is £30 a month 24m contract. my current sky (copper broadband) is useless. im just worried swapping over to a mobile network based internet might cause issues or is it exactly the same as a normal fixed ultgra fast broadband connection?

  9. build quality? man, you're just plugging it and leave it on the corner for 2 years why quality matters? it's not a car. lol

  10. Interesting to hear after month of use, if VoXi capped your traffic after some time
    as for my family it is about 15GB a day, so if to consider this as replacement for VM, I'd assume, I will consume about 500 Gbytes a month
    But I've read all mobile operators cap their unlimited packets after 100Gbytes
    Otherwise theres is no sense for them sell, as example Vodafone Home Broadband for £60 and data sim with 5G enables for just £32

  11. very nice, big thanks
    as my VM is getting worse worse every day
    it is too strange in overall. You may buy Home Broadband from Vodafone, you have to pay £325 upfront for the same Huawei 5G CPE, your monthly payments will £60!!!
    You can't use your Sim in any other device, they will block it just, and you can't change your address where this device is approved!

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