Claymore's V3.5 Cryptonote CPU Miner For Windows & Monero Mining

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If you want to mine Monero with your CPU on windows you can checkout Claymore’s V3.5 Cryptonote CPU Miner for Windows. thread here:

Download links here (same links as on the bitcointalk thread):


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38 comentários em “Claymore's V3.5 Cryptonote CPU Miner For Windows & Monero Mining

  1. Note: if you have problems launching the shortcut, check 2 things: 1. check that your antivirus is not blocking it. 2. check that the target line is correct. re-write the entire target line if necessary (from C:foldername… to the last of the command -t 4) using the proper drive letter, folders, exe and command line. if there are quotations in your target line, remove the quotations.

  2. ATTENTION: This week I'm finding issues with the CPU Miners all over the web even Mega's Claymore CryptoNote CPU v4.0 download is anyone else ? It comes with a Trojan I've not seen before that I removed with just simple Windows Defender and a weird red message after mining Monero for a while ? Something smells ASICyyy : (

  3. Thanks for the video, very helpful. I'm attempting to use the "restart" command (-r x), the x value being any time in minutes, in the command line but the command is being ignored by the miner. I'm using version 3.9. Any suggestions?

  4. I have earned 0.008 XMR, but the amount is not added to my "mymonerowallet" wallet. What should I do? How to withdraw dwarfpool earnings?

  5. Hello some of my processors are intel based and some of my processors are AMD based would this process work on both? or is it a different method for both?

  6. ım new mining 3.40 ghz i3 8gb ram 2gb ddr3 video card 256 bit how monero 24 hours how much monero mining miner?

  7. is Intel(R)Celeron(R) CPU 1007U @ 1.50GHz 1.50GHz good for CPU mining?
    I kindly wait a reply

  8. Hi is this applicable for win7 user? I followed all your instructions in the video but in the part where i copy shortcut to desktop click properties i cant edit the target it says invalid name in advance the "run as administrator is greyed i hope you can have another videos for claymore cpu miner on win 7 thanks

  9. Hello, it is possible to undo monero or other cryptovalute with my PC
    Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 DUO CPU P8600 2.40GHz

    I'm waiting for a kind reply

  10. hi buddy please can you tell me how to make a payout from dwarfpool, I´ve maked one but 6 days have passed and I not received any payment and none response from dwarpool´s people, I´ve writen a lots of emails and none response from them… if you have a email to send to you some screenshoot of my claymore´s configuration…. please i need your help

  11. i was going to say DUUUUDEEEE you put your wallet key on the video but then i checked and its a dummy account, that would have been hilarious if you screwed up like that, btw i ve been trying to get fast mode enabled all day, i would like to buy you a beer for helping me out, do you have a monero address where i can tip you? since you didn't put one on the description, and thats weird since this is a video tutorial for a monero miner, anyway cheers man thanks for your help

  12. i can't change target adress on the shortcut properties, it saids that it's not valid, what can i do?

  13. Error in server response
    : {"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","error":{"code":-1,"message":"invalidaddressorusernameusedforlogin"}} you know anything about this error?

  14. If you electricity per kwh is greater than 10 cents, it's a loss. Total per day payout is $0.50 cents, running 24 hours. Who would do a cpu mine?

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