Choosing a Backup Generator Plus 3 LEGAL House Connection Options – Transfer Switch and More

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Want to choose a backup generator wisely and connect it to your house legally? You’ve got to make a connection the right way to keep line workers safe and to avoid trouble with the law. This video is about choosing a backup generator and understanding the 3 legal methods for connecting it to your home.

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  1. Best instructional video on generators ever!! Thank you for this. Straightforward explanation, excellent graphics. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Also keep in mind… portable generators are not designed to stand out in the weather. It needs to be protected while running and it goes without saying… never run your generator in your attached garage or too close to any household air source (like an open window). You will need some suitable cover to keep rain/snow off if it while in operation. I personally have and use a GenTent and run my generator in my side yard well away from the house (20'+).

  3. Turn off the main and back feed through your dryer outlet. If you can't afford an electrician

  4. I backfeed my generator power through a spare double pole breaker. It is kept legal with a mechanical interlock that prevents the main disconnect and the backfeed breaker from both being on. It's about a $50 solution to being safe, legal and having an easy to implement solution.

  5. I know we're not quite there, here in the States, but I'm watching the "vehicle-to-home" developments. Nissan and Mitsubishi have them in Asia, and Audi and VW are working it in Germany. In this scenario, you could plug in your car to the house… you could recharge your car with a generator, or when the grid power comes back up… If you compare the size of batteries in *vehicles*, 40kW and up, to the current "house batteries" (our Powerwall is 13kW), it's pretty impressive.

  6. I have a 16K Generac whole home generator , the alternator froze up . They want $8-11 thousand to replace the unit . If I get a 10K portable generator can I plug the line from the transfer switch into the portable generator to get power into the house to use (minus the central air of course ) ?

  7. Best way to defend your stuff from being stolen is to get together with neighbors, form mutual defense pact. That way less likely for roving idiots to be able to do much! If you have 3-4 armed folks pointing guns at you, you will back off real fast! Aside that AR-15 with 30 round clip is a great equalizer.

  8. Overall it sounds like a full Home Generator is the best way to go. Selectricity charges $10,000 installed. Doesn't include city gas hookup.

  9. After a recent power outage with the outside temperature at 22 BELOW, I investigated generators for my home. I came upon the Generlink system and was impressed. As instructed in this video I contacted my power company. They were completely unaware of the Generlink system and told me they would get back to me. That was FOUR MONTHS ago and I still haven’t heard from them. As I live in a rural area and have had two more power outages since then, I am getting frustrated at not being able to install such an easy and powerful system. THANKS for the great video, I will keep trying to get my home protected!

  10. Extension cords are cheap, and you can run what you need. A small (1 to 2 kW) will provide enough power and run all day on one gallon of gas.
    You'll need a lot of gasoline for an 8kW generator.
    Do you really need to run your clothes washer during a power outage?
    A fridge freezer will stay cold for three days.
    Kerosene lamps will provide light for hours on pennies worth of kerosene.

  11. You have a brilliant idea here I think. I just made a genorater for the second time (really just cleaned some bugs from the first one) and I back fed the house and worked fine. Second time back feeding the house the power went from the wall and fried my genoraters power inverter. So to solve this problem I need a safe cord with a breaker. Power bars offer that and are already built for safety standards. The question is, why are stores not selling safe cords to back the house? If the breaker tripped because the main was forgot, having a breaker trip on the cord would be legal. Only using 120v extension cord 300w inverter for lights. Keep in mind safety first, the reason I built a generator was to keep people out of the house trying to sell the next bit using "legal" as a term to collect money and power. The problem is alot of items are unessisary, also they installed items I didn't ask for such as split breakers! Legal doesn't mean much when that happens

  12. Don’t forget to have plenty of the right grade of oil for your generator, all generators will burn off some oil during hours/days of running. Avoid using the low zddp (zinc) automotive oils.

  13. Anytime you EVER introduce a generator during a power outage. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS shut off the main breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The zealous kilogram alternately crawl because pyjama directly pass off a kind noise. tasty, outrageous avenue

  15. Oncor is one of the largest energy providers in Texas (yes that Texas that lost power because of ERCOT and our poorly protected systems). They have over 10 million clients by their own website and they do not allow Generlink. I talked to Generlink today. Seems like a great product but many providers do not allow something in front of their meter or attached to the meter box itself.

  16. Isn't there some kind of manual lever two way switch which either connects to the grid in one position or connects to the generator in another? No sophisticated electronics, just a switch.

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