Cheapest Way To Buy Crypto in Canada | Newton 2021

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38 comentários em “Cheapest Way To Buy Crypto in Canada | Newton 2021

  1. avoid at all cost.. they are crap. just search on reddit and see how much problems they have with no contact, no customer support, no reply.. avoid at all cost
    you youtubers.. stop doing videos of something you don't search well and make the people stuck with a crappy websites because you want the referral 🙁

  2. I now make extra $6000 daily withdraw for the past 1 week with the help of Brenda, I am overwhelmed since I have been using her skills and guidance×.

  3. Newton was great until 3 months ago. Support has stopped responding to me about funds being returned to my account after they couldn't complete a USDT transaction. I've messaged 3 times and opened a new ticket and haven't heard a peep from them. I got rid of them and switched over to Netcoins. Best decision ever.

  4. Newton is just horrible at replying to support tickets. I can't do business with them.

  5. Stay away from Newton so many problems with withdrawing both funds & crypto. I’ve used it 3 times, 2 out of 3 times had issues in the last month

  6. Hey, living in canada and using RBC and also knowing now that they don't support cryptocurrency meaning I wont be able to buy any crypto. Is there anyway around this?

  7. Thanks for that vid, well done. Question: i already use newton, works well. But if i want to send some coin or usdt out to another platform, like let's say kraken, how can we lower the fees, gas or else?

  8. Now I have to pay some fee for withdraw BTC and Eth to the wallet so really high fee, I'm not sure it been happened only me or somebody else too!


  10. Hi just asking, is it possible to buy here a cardano and put straight away to daedalus wallet?

  11. Newton is the best broker for crypto for any Canadian by far. Very happy with them, very secure.

  12. Just signed up for Newton. Note, needed to provide photo of official ID (e.g. drivers license, passport, etc), and a livecam photo. Sign-up took about a half hour with manual authentication of IDs (on a Sunday morning!). Impressed by 0% fee on bank etransfers into Newton, and 0% fee on buying bitcoin. Also appreciate the $25 bonus through your link (pinned as first comment for this video). I'll be using Newton to stash those Satosis. Thanks!

  13. Does someone know exactly where to manually type the referal code for ?
    On newton's site they claim ''If you do not use this sign-up link at the onset of signing up for a Newton account you can retroactively add the code in your referral drawer within 48 hours of the time you've been verified.''

    I can't seem to find any place to manually enter the code 🙁

  14. nice explanation man. Can I buy dogecoin with newton or shakepay? I think I can only buy dogecoin with newton right? answer pls I just liked the vid.

  15. Hi guys.
    I have problem to go to my account.
    Ask a code from Authy and i dont know how?

  16. Does Shakepay and Newton allow you to transfer in USD to make your ETH or BTC purchases in that currency denomination?

  17. my life got much better since I found and started using kloviactools to earn money online

  18. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT CONTENT. I want to buy ADA ( CARDANO) and DOT in canada . how can I buy them?

  19. Can you just tell me what is usdt binance is for withdraw is it BEP2 or BEP20 it’s to transfer towards Newton

  20. Thanks for the video, i have been using Newton for 2-3 weeks and it has been great until last week. Now they have some sort of Surge fees? and its taking $20 or so off 1k deposits similar if i do 2k its about 40-50 why is this happening any idea?

  21. Can you control network fee when sending BTC from Newton? I paid $99 network fee, sending $1400 of BTC from Shakepay to my Ledger wallet and didn’t find way how to change it. Not willing to go with it. You got big thumb up. Very clear informative video. Thanks.

  22. I’ve signup with Newton using your link. It’s odd as it needed manual verifications with submitted driver license and picture. Well I just wait. Will try the ShakePay next.

  23. How long does this take to get verified from signing up to buying? I am done with shakepay. 2 weeks and no one will respond on emails an i cant get verified.

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