Cheap Solar Generator Upeor

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Amazon UPEOR Portable Solar Generator with Panels, Solar Powered Electric Generator Kit,Electric Generator,Solar Power Station.

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23 comentários em “Cheap Solar Generator Upeor

  1. Can you charge the lights then disconnect them to use them without the lights being attached to the yellow power unit?

  2. Looks perfect to me for a little camping fun in the sun to keep your Bluetooth speaker and cell phone charged all day then have lights in your tent a night!

  3. Most things are made in China it’s just some companies want them to be made to their standards but most of the time the internals are the same… These lil generators dose the job so that’s the main thing.

  4. You can get an extender for the leads . Only 1.99 I got these for my boys cos at the end of the day its good enough for them

  5. Lol helpful then comes the epilepsy flashing.. the whole point on and off on switch is to switch it on and off..

  6. cant u replace those battery for lithium laptop battery would give u more storable power and add a better solar panel not real big but the same sort of size and double them up then ud have a not to bad lithium power bank just a thought

  7. When hurricane Micheal hit i could have used this to at least charge a tablet, get news from the radio since the tv was not working or not have to use candles. so in the event of an emergency this will work. the only thing is it pass through charging for using the radio.

  8. I’m thinking of buying one of these off of Amazon for when I go fishing and camping. Can you charge your devices at the same time you’re charging the generator with the solar panel?

  9. Found one on Ebay for only $32.95, so even though I already bought a 100 watt, a 200 watt and a 300 watt real portable solar power generator last month I figured, what the heck and order it because the 10 watt solar panel costs $20 on Amazon, a 5 watt usb bulb costs $ 7 to 9 dollars each on Amazon and the 5 18650 batteries are worth at least $12 to $15 also…..unfortunately….i never received it along with 170 other people… was a scam. ( the normal price is $42 to $59….but two on ebay is asking $85 to $95. That also would be a scam, even if they actually got it. Lesson learned!

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