Cheap Inverter Generator – Generac GP2200i Review – Alternative to Honda EU2200i

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Everyone should own a home generator & Hondas are the the best but they are SO expensive. This generator changes all that. Built like a Honda but bargain priced for everyone. See what this generator offers & see it in action. I like this better than my Honda EU2200i due to the extra features and options. See for yourself. Be prepared for hurricanes & storms and enjoy this for recreation & running tools.

Best Price on this Generac GP2200i:
1 outlet transfer switch perfect for heat
4 circuit updated switch:

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  1. Made in China. These are the folks who have poisoned the world with their bio weapon Covid 19. They are not our friends but love stealing our technology. Oh, by the way they are preparing for war. I think I will buy American or Japanese or anyone but China.

  2. The one test that tells the REAL STORY, is…what does the sine wave look like? ANY noise or poor sine wave will destroy electronics. Poor sine waves are OK for lights and some motors, but NOT sensitive electronics like TV's and computers. I've "scoped" the Honda (yes, I own one). The sine wave is as clean as any (if not better) than your house power.

  3. never use more than half your generator's rated load. it's like a car that can redline at 7000rpm but you run 5000-6000rpm every day, it will die in a year, speaking from experience

  4. Spectacular video, I would just like to add 1 thing…..
    With any new generator, after filling with oil, leave it in the off position and pull the cord 4-5 times. This will cycle the oil out of the bottom and
    "Coat" the motor with oil to avoid ba "dry" start at initial start up.

  5. I’m surprised Honda does not sue you for this video either the author is ignorant or purposely misleading for views.

  6. (4:13) now that is a nice extension cord! Would you please add a link to find it! Thanks in advance.

  7. Great video, and good thing you mentioned "heavy duty" extension cord. Most videos omit this part. Yet, "heavy duty" is relative. I don't use anything less than 10 gauge extension cords for this purpose, and 75 feet max. Some I bought, others I got the cord and made the extension myself. Most people take this for granted, and I'm glad home improvement stores now sell extension cords with notations about wire gauge and length. This looks like a great genset to replace my old Honda 2000EU, but does it have built in parallel capabilities? Best to check online, though I've built paralleling buses before and safely. Great features. Never understood Honda's pricing mindset.

  8. nothing absolutely NO other generator in today's market can beat HONDA! Honda's are the best and most reliable generators, PERIOD!

  9. Nice option- you can do a lot with 2kW of power. I've owned a large generator for years as a standby for my entire house. This product will work for a lot of people who only want to run a few circuits for a fraction of the money required for the full systems. Good vid and thanks!

  10. The surge on a refrigerator when the compressor kicks in is well over 1000 watts. A heater is pulling sqft x 10= watts. In other words, a 10×12 room is 120sqft. It would take 1200 watts to heat that room.

    You can run either a small room heater or a fridge, but not both. It will trip the breaker if one kicks on while the other is on. Go look up small room sized heaters and find the power rating. The small ones are 1500W on average. And it absolutely would not operate your entire home heater which is pulling thousands of watts when in use. Heaters and A/C require an enormous amount of power.

    Is it a good generator – probably. Does it have the capacity to actually run all those things you said at the same time – absolutely not. The running wattage is only 1700.

  11. DO NOT BUY HONDA THEY DONT STAND BEHIND THIER PRODUCTS. I have a Honda 2200 its less then six months old. It started surging at and would not hold a idle. Brought it to a certified Honda dealer. They told me I need a new carb. It would cost $280 installed. I called Honda and was told fuel problems are not covered under warranty. It has 30 hours on the generator. The idle jet has a design problem and Honda knows it. There are YouTube and blogs about it all over the internet. If you replace the jet with a updated aftermarket upgrade it fixes the problem. THERE NEEDS TO BE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST HONDA.

  12. Try taking this generator back to the store when it breaks or even finding a place that'll work on it

  13. I don't think people using Generators for Camping & Home use realize that Generac has been used for Years in the Construction Industry. They are the Leader in Tow Behind & Whole House Backup Generators. I'm talking about the Generators that are put on a cement slab and are not portable. They've been used way more than Honda for Backup power for residential & commercial buildings. Google them and you'll see. Great for using with propane or diesel for power on large farms.

  14. They measure decibels at 1 meter distance. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to compare decibel measurements of different companies and a company with a loud generator could just measure at a larger distance and print a lower number on the box.

  15. if my life depended it on the long run? crazy. honda. i have a honda pioneer 1000. because i don't want to walk in the desert! i have had lots of motors. it's my only honda! lol.

  16. Been using a Duromax 2000w for a few years. Same as that Generac. Yamaha clone engines, made in china… Great machines. Live on 5 acres and just used it to power an electric pole saw at the bottom of the driveway. It powered our 25 cu ft fridge, large screen tv, dvr, computer and led lamp all at the same time using very little gas, without a lot of noise, for several days during one of the PGE California power outages. Paid $250 with free shipping.

  17. Generac is PERFECT cuz you get to replace it every couple years with a NEW one- meanwhile the poor Honda owner has to put up with a reliable and quiet generator and never getting it serviced- poor Honda owner is bored with dependability! It's "Just like" the Honda exactly like a Russian Yugo is "Just like" a Honda Accord – they both have 4 wheels and both are cars- see! They are "Just like" each other!!!

  18. I bought one of these 2200i and I can tell you they DO NOT PERFORM AT HIGHER ALTITUDES!!! In fact ive never been so disappointed. I went up to mount Charleston to camp out at 8000 ft elevation and the generator would start fine but would barely run a 750 watt heater. It does work fine at lower elevations. While on Mount Charlston I brought the generac in to the mechanic shop because I thought something must be wrong! They simply serviced the generator and said everything tested perfectly. A perfect piece of shit to be precise! After another day of messing around I went to town and bought a Honda 2200i which ran everything in my camper at the same time and performed flawlessly! Lesson learned…….I do have a brand new generac for sale that I would let go for $500 if anyone is interested but personally I would get the Honda

  19. You get what you pay for. I have had my EU2000 Honda for 15 years or more and never had a problem with it. we use it all summer on our boat and have it home for the winters if the power goes out. How will the other generators last after 15 years of use?

  20. When he says it powers his home heating system, he means his blower motor for the gas furnace…. Guess why he didn't specify that? lol

  21. Perhaps someone can help. I want a generator to power items in my house as well, but I have no idea where the transfer switch! Is using the transfer switch and generator the only way the Generac works or can you just use an extension cord? Moreover, do the extension cords take away from the wattage necessary? Finally, does every house have a transfer switch? Thank you!

  22. I bought this same generator in 2018 and it still works perfectly. Love it! I bought several "EZ Generator Switches" for the circuits I wanted to power in my house (Sump pump, Refrigerator, Furnace).

  23. The generator is an interesting product and the video was very informative. Back in the day of Superstorm Sandy, I used a heavy duty inverter connected to a running vehicle but when I switched only the hot to the inverter and connected the inverter neutral in parallel to the panel, I would trip the inverter breaker. When I isolated the circuit neutral to only go to the inverter, the circuit ran fine. The reason I bring this up is that you are showing the 4 circuit transfer switch. If this is similar to the Coleman that I had, it only switches the hot and not the neutral. This may be ok for a conventional generator but MAY be a problem with an inverter generator. Can someone shed some light on this problem?? Thanks

  24. hey everyone! Great video by the way! Does any one know the fuel economy? What about going to the 2500 size? will it run a ceramic heater (750 watts) on low overnight? this is for camping, thanks!!

  25. Nice review and information my only thought on comparing it to a Honda is that Honda has a long proven record of building things that last I’ve owned 3 Motorcycles from them, 1 automobile ,1 Generator and all of those have proven to be good investments I actually have my Fathers 1964 motorcycle ,a S90 that happens to have the infamous Honda single cylinder engine that is the most produced small engine of all time WorldWide and nearly a 60 year old engine now I can still easily find any part I might need

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