Changing Your Appearance with the Law of Attraction is EASY! Here’s Why…

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Changing Your Appearance with the Law of Attraction is EASY! Here’s Why…

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  1. I'm genetically dark, I want to change my skin complexion to fair. Is that possible? I'm actually doing visualisation, affirmations, scripting, vision board. But at times I feel lot of resistance and it's not possible. What should I do when I feel so sir?

  2. Hello Matt love your videos and you are really inspiring I just wanted to know did you ever manifest height too

  3. But can I grow taller when I’m over 21 already? I thought at some age the growth plates have fused together and thus can’t grow anymore.

  4. You like the way you talk. Repeat important words.. and like you say ‘raise their vibes’. It sound fantastic!

  5. this is why u look better and better in every new video. thank u very much for this.

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