Can You Charge An Electric Car With This BIG Generator? (Part 1 of 3)

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When it comes to keeping electric cars charged we have tried just about every trick in the book. From ac to dc to fast chargers there are now many many options. But what happens when the grid goes down, how can you cope? We may have a solution!

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  1. U don't need to pound a long copper rod in the ground even if u do that the genrator will still remain floating. U need to connect the neutral and earth of the genrator together something that happens in your homes distribution box. Take the front panel off , put a wire between neutral and earth and put a 500miliamp fuse in between.

  2. Lol!!! You have the fuel cap vent closed!!! I made the same mistake first few times of use.

  3. why wont you get a Tessla fast charging unit, mount it on your trailer. I wonder if you can make it charge while driving. Interesting if you can pull this off with your own car.

  4. The car did not recognize the signal. You might damage the car and generator by design.

  5. um so u put a small gen on 12 amp charge …. ?????? if you would of set the amperage lower it would of been fine…. also you didn't test the hz. ????? not very informative

  6. Can you set up a tesla to incorporate a built in generator to drive the wheels directly. Similar to a Diesel locomotive. Give it insane horsepower.

  7. So do you think it would have worked with a real gen? Like a Yamaha lol that gen whatever is crap. Princess auto sells that crap lol but seriously

  8. 1:50 please be careful how you're pulling that ripcord, on your knees and with your leg like that looks like you could really hurt yourself.

  9. "this is a really massive generator" No, That isn't a massive generator, that's still tiny as far as generators go.

    I'm absolutely no expert when it comes to electricity and generators, but it's obvious to me that this guy barely knows his arse from his elbow.

  10. what a loser. 12 minutes to find out he bought the wrong generator and can't charge it at all. plus he is an awkward dork trying to sound fascinated with the free generator they got. "Ohhhh AAhhhh A pull start generator; What a nice piece of technology!!!" ppsss give me a break pal.

  11. you said 240-volt as though that were that is unusual lol
    it's a shame it wasn't diesel

  12. What if you took this generator apart and mount the part that provides the power on one off the rolling parts off the tesla and connect it in such a way that it would charge up when you are driving?

  13. So are you going to stuff that big ass generator in the back with 10 gallons of gas? Lol

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