Business Perspective: Cardano (ADA) vs. Ethereum (ETH)

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There’s a fundamental reason why I’m betting on Cardano’s percentage gains in price to be even greater than Ethereum’s massive gains in 2021.

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9 comentários em “Business Perspective: Cardano (ADA) vs. Ethereum (ETH)

  1. Since I made the video titled "Why Cardano (ADA) Will Be A Top 3 Crypto", ADA climbed over DOT and XRP to take its seat on the number 3 throne of cryptos (I don't include the USD stable-coin Tether). There are fundamental reasons why I knew this would happen. What are your thoughts and opinions on Cardano (ADA)? Comments welcome.

  2. ADA to the moon well be looking back one day and thanking you for making us all rich if your not into ADA you should be!!! ADA is just as good as the graph if not better for me ive even thought of trading some of my GRT for ADA cause i dont have the extra money to throw into ADA at this moment. but its hard to get rid of my GRT its been very good to me and so have you my friend thank you so much for your wisdom keep up the hard work we really appreciate it!

  3. Love cardano, I’m a long time holder. Referring to gas fees and the cardano erc20 bridge, I was curious if you know about or have any opinion on the mainnet rubic (RBC) platform which has a Matic Binance ERC20 bridge and cross chain bridge (in beta) for future use case in the field?

  4. I got my first Ada yesterday.thanks to you educating me on the ada with the guest you had on a few days ago Looking forward to seeing what it can do.

  5. I love Cardano. I still believe in Ethereum as well. I think it is very interesting that Singularity Net, the A.I. blockchain, chose Cardano. Anyways thank you for your videos.

  6. Insightful video. I did see this video on Charles Hoskinson. Despite Cardano's popular press, he makes cryptocurrency much more palatable for big investment. I am looking forward to Cardona's future development.

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