Build Your Own 2-Line MACD

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A lot of people are used to the “original” MACD. Since it’s not there in MT4 anymore, I decided to show you how you can create your own. To learn more and download our free trading system, visit:



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29 comentários em “Build Your Own 2-Line MACD

  1. this is not the 2 line macd you just added anothr historgram this is extra indicator to confuse trading

  2. Another great video, from my experience on trading, one thing I can attest to is that having a tutor assisting you can go a long way in helping you gain consistent profits.

  3. If you want that you have to type MACD 4 Colors Indicator Metatrader 5, it's by . You download it, open it in the MetaEditor and it'll automatically be added to your MT5 when you open it

    Make sure you change the values in it since it's default is no 12, 26, 9

  4. Trading forex effectively entails a greater deal of skill and perseverance. Ultimately, the best and only productive option I chose was to invest through the experience of a professional trader, I’ve been on a long profit run and steady cash inflow since then

  5. Why are you making such type of video u are not say how to create two line macd I hate this video

  6. This is such a stupid video.. You had the two line graph thanks for not showing us how to do that moron

  7. I really take much time trying to rewind to see the movement of your mouse which is too fast. would mind please slow down the mouse when you make some clicking.
    I can't follow…hu-hu-hu….!

  8. Very great video to let me know what's going on of MACD in MT4! I thought it shouldn't be a big difference between the normal one before I watch this video, and I ask for the solution from them many many times and still can't fix it… Really appreciate! Otherwise, I will keep using the fake one and keep losing money. Thank you very much.

  9. Is there any way to get the normal 2-MACD in MT5? I don't understand why Metatrader don't have it. I don't like your solution of using 2 different things. i hate the 1 line macd. I don't even want to look at it.

  10. But How do set up 2 line MACD like you had initially. The one you are showing is histogram part which would act like 2line MACD but not 2 line itself.

  11. Hi Mr. Russ Horn, i wanted to ask you about all indicator out there on internet, why do you "always" use MACD? I mean there are lot of indicators maybe better than MACD why you like it so much?

  12. Thanks for the great video on MACD. There is also another indicator called the MACD Colour Indicator which is also very useful. Could you plz also make a video on MACD Colour Indicator in MT4 software. Cheers:)

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