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Build a Screen Recorder using python | Screen Capture | Python Projects | Build OBS | Build Camtasia

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Need to Record your computer screen? or want to have fun?
We got some fun for you. Lets build a Screen recorder using python.
#python #screen #recorder


Credit for this video goes to Minhaj, Mujahid, Sufi, Nur, OBS (please don’t sue us).

0:22 – Grandma’s brand new drama
0:37 – Starting the project

Part 1: Capturing The Screen
2:30 – Let’s start coding
5:35 – Let’s run our code

Part 2: Color Corrections
6:27 – Let’s solve it
7:31 – Let’s run again

Part 3: Making It Dynamic
7:53 – Let’s make it bigger
9:54 – Let’s check the output

Part 4: Saving The Recorded Video
10:53 – Let’s save our recording
16:09 – Let’s give a dynamic file name

Part 5: Capturing Webcam
21:00 – Let’s capture webcam
23:30 – Let’s overlay image
27:25 – Let’s check our final output

The Fun Part: 28:40

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  1. Can you even make a video on how to even record the sound with the screen ?…..pls

  2. Take any English movie and convert speaking English language into any other language….. Is it possible to do in python

  3. Thank you bro ,because of you I won the online national science conclave………..

  4. Please upload a video of "Don't play Free Fire …. Build your own with python….."!!!!!!!

  5. Hello sir ,I've tried this program and I'm getting error in frame.shape part pls help me with that

  6. Thanx. Plz thanks grandma tooo. And plz ask her to add audio in the screen recorder

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