Build a portable power pack for $25

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► Pre-Built Battery Box:
► Battery Charger:

Visit for the $25 box parts list.

Cost is close to $25 if you have a spare/free car battery.

Use a Group 24 marine deep cycle battery for best results of course.

EverStart Marine 24DC – $58 (as of 07/01/2011)
Battery terminals not needed if you use a marine deep cycle.
They normally have small lugs with wingnuts included.

Marine battery box – $9.00
12v accessory socket – $5.00
ATO fuse holder – $3.00
Two battery terminals – $7.00 (not needed if you have marine batt.)
Two ring terminals and a butt splice – $ cheap

Combo wire stripper/crimper – $4.00

Check out my other videos to see this pack power a large woodgas cook stove.

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33 comentários em “Build a portable power pack for $25

  1. May I use this idea to boost a dead car battery? That I need to use 60A fuse or something else right? Please give me a suggestion!! Thanks a lot!!

  2. How long does it last how do you re charge it I am in need of something like this

  3. doing this in my 1994 c2500 for light ba with a toggle switch, a dual cig lighter with a converter for a household plug like an extension cord and bolt down securing it in center footing area under cup holders. this video helped me put my concept together. thanks guy

  4. Can I add this to my e bike that runs a 6v battery? I’ll just add an outlet adapter to I️t and I️t should work…yes?…no? Please let me know

  5. i will be making one but will add a few things like a deep cycle battery a usb port and shrink wraping the connections.

  6. Sorry, a bit new to this, is there an adapter for the 12v plug to a standard powerpoint? Could someone show me a link?

  7. I really enjoyed you step by step approach to set up the battery and cables, but it seems you might have run out of time at the end when you hooked up the 'FUSE and CABLES'…Would really appreciate your instructions on hooking up the fuse for this battery box to work safely without damaging the battery system/or the load… Again, THANKS sooo much for your detailed video and look forward to your response to my query!

  8. great video. I've been using a safety light that has a cigarette light plug but it's only good for charging our cellphones. Last night while camping we tried to power up our air mattress and it was no good.Looking into building something like this hoping it will work. have you made that new video?

  9. Can I install an outlet to conect to my laptop or a fan for my room , instead of using a cigarette lighter. When the power goes off due to a heavy storm it gets very hot in my apartment so I want to connect a stand fan and also a small TV, a computer or charge my cell phone. Also can I have 2 outlets or more instead of one?

  10. Where I live there is a store that sells re cycled batteries of all kind they've been there 20 years, think I should take a chance on one? Your thoughts!

  11. my trolling motor battery box has 2 power ports built into it with a led gauge showing battery life and was $35

  12. I'm wondering how to customize this to be rechargeable from a 12V power source, similar to the ArkPak (but still be just a basic 12V DC power pack, no AC/inverter needed). I have an EdgeStar FP430 portable fridge I'd like to run in my van and just leave it in there. The power pack would plug into the van's 12V cigarette lighter to keep itself charged, and the fridge would plug into the power pack's 12V port and potentially be running 24/7 for 2 or 3 weeks at a time during long road trips. So the power pack would be essentially functioning as a UPS, continuously supplying energy to run the fridge, and would be getting charged while the engine is running and draining while the engine is off (the van's 12V cig lighter shuts off when the engine is off.) The ArkPak seems to come close to what I want, and is advertised as being able to run a fridge for 7 days with a 130AH battery, but it has at least 2 problems: 1) The ArkPak 730 typically runs around $449, the best price I've seen is $399 – still more than I really care to spend if I don't have to. I just need the basic 12V DC power, don't want to spend for 120V AC power that I won't use. 2) The ArkPak's inverter generates a modified sine wave. If it created a pure sine wave, I might still be tempted to go ahead and get it, but I won't spend that kind of money for a modified.

    But the charging system also needs to be smart, not just a dumb straight connection. It needs something similar to the multi-stage protective charging systems like I've seen advertised in products such as the seven stage VMAX BC1220: Stage 1: Desulfation Stage 2: Soft Start Stage 3: Bulk Stage 4: Absorption Stage 5: Battery Test Stage 6: Recondition Stage 7: Float.

    Could instructions for an efficient implementation of this project be shown, either written or in a video?

    On a side note, I've had my EdgeStar plugged into a Kill A Watt p4460 meter in my house for the past 3 days to measure its power consumption. Right now it's been running for 70 hours and has used 670 watt-hours, which averages out to 9.57 watt-hours per hour, or 229.714 watt-hours per 24 hour day. I believe 229.714 watt-hours converts to 19.143 amp-hours per day at 12V, so the claim that a fridge could run 7 days off a 130AH battery seems reasonable (130AH / 19.143AH per Day = 6.79 days). Since I would never go more than 48 hours without driving the van, this would not be an issue, and I could reasonably make do with a smaller (100AH or 80AH) battery.

  13. I wonder if you have a double male cigarette lighter plug if you could charge the battery inside the car while the car is running

  14. how much does a car battery cost? And does a car battery just plug into your wall?

  15. looks like you have enough room that you could add a battery tender inside the case, then you could keep it plugged in and know you have a full charge at any given time you need it…

  16. good and simple instructions I wonder u show us how to put a volt meter, a solar port for charging in as well matey

  17. great job! Simple and effective, no extra power draining bells, whistles, lights or leds.

  18. Bravo We were in a power outage last week and I always have my marine deep cycle charging for my minnkota was thinking of how I could tap into it they now have 110v converter you can plug into your lighter socket dont know how many hours would get out of it just even to run a fan would be nice where in Louisiana it gets hot any Draft would be nice.and to be able to charge phone and such.

  19. great video. the tone of your voice sounds slightly sarcastic or matter of fact (which i like). I chuckled when you checked the back of the box for the amp limit around 3:30 because every time I look for wattage, its never labeled (of course all walmart products)

  20. i've been wanting to do this to have a seperate power suppy for my 2 led bars and 4 led cubes. but i want to add solar pannel to recharge the battery 🙂

  21. I'm going to look through you other videos, but is there a way to charge this battery using your cars cigarette lighter? The most information I've found so far is that you get a trickle charge, but no info on how long to fully charge a batter, or even how would you charge it.

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