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Today we are talking about elon musk again as he just announced he is not selling bitcoin.



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18 Comentários

  1. SAFEMOON I'd rather risk a few hundred $$$ in this then be sitting in my bank making nothing its a new idea n the 10% charge with 5 % going to holders is a great idea stop the wild selling etc I think this is going to be very popular once people realise its worth having in there small portfolio by holding doesn't matter when you get in.

  2. Elon is just testing his ability to manipulate the market. I wish he would sell so he’d just shut up already.

  3. Is this amusing to Elon, I feel like time traveling back to when he was in high school and slap him in the back of the head. Frigging dork!

  4. Our thinking really has an important impact in our lives but many people fail to understand this.

  5. Market so bearish but just hold your coins guys! Anyways yfdai has great launch pad presale guys!

  6. It means BTC Is dumping pretty hard, and Elon can make it dump even harder if Tesla dumps its BTC….

  7. Elon has 1.5 billion invested in Bitcoin. That's only .15% of the total
    Bitcoin market cap. It really isn't enough to effect Bitcoin. So if Elon
    thinks it's best to take his Tesla money out of Bitcoin. It just won't
    matter to holders. Psychologically he could effect the emotions of those
    math challenged. Panicking of holders is what causes the dumps.

  8. I used to be a fan of elon but this has just gotten ridiculous.

  9. Absolutely right , I got 70% of my total portfolio in crypto and I have been making good profits

  10. Elon is and has and will always be a joke. the batteries are super toxic polltion intensive to make. his rockets create massive pollution. his cars all use oil based products , tires, plastics, etc… metal fabrication.. his entire plant is robot operated by non renewable electricity.. this guy is a scam artist who stole the Name TESLA from Nikola Tesla the true father of free electricity.. do som research on Nikola Tesla.. and tell me that elon is a joke.. puppet,,, troll,,,, 13 year old kid wanting attention,,,, unprofessional business tweets,,,, my god the list can go on for ever.. plus the SEC is on him for jacking with markets.. this guy is not a god he is straight up an asshole.. after he created paypal and sold it they fired him.. jeezzzz .. he knows nothing about the crypto world … an arrogant a hole pumping a dog coin…

  11. Elon is human. I'm pretty sure he was just reacting emotionally. Sometimes I think he forgets how much influence he has over markets.

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