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Boost Doctor goes down to Palm Beach International Raceway for the
Money On The Line Car Show and Grudge Race in his Twin Turbo LS powered Box Chevy to take on the Green Machine 1973 Caprice sporting a Whipple Supercharged 632 Big Block on 26s. Also, he goes head to head with the Rusty Bullet – Turbo LS powered 1972 Impala 4 Door. And after the many callouts and complaints about having a much lighter car than his competition, Boost Doctor enters into the Big Rim Racing world by mounting up a set of 26s!

Boost Doctor VS Green Machine
Box Chevy Caprice Classic VS 1973 Caprice Hardtop
Twin Turbo LS Box Chevy VS Whipple Supercharged 632 BBC Donk

Boost Doctor VS Rusty Bullet
Box Chevy Caprice Classic VS 4door Chevy Impala
Twin Turbo LS Box Chevy VS Single Turbo LS Donk


18 Comentários

  1. Nice intro. Learn how to strap a car down on the dyno. Gonna hurt someone doing that dumb shit

  2. Ive yet to see a car with all that motor hangin out burn anybody down the track…its funny! An it seems that DM got a ferocious launch…
    But if u can take off with him….like ole boost Dr. Did…. he in trouble!.

  3. Give the man his respect. They keep trying him.its not his fault nigga keep trying to race on rims stupid

  4. Y'all stupid if they race on rims it ant his fault. Real racers don't race on rim that stupid

  5. So what about Dude that had the 15” slicks when boost doctor had the 20s on?

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