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BNF the Japanese trader that transform 15000 USD in 153 Million USD

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Takashi Kotegawa also know as BNF started to trade when he was 21 years old with just 15000 USD. He was able to grow his account to over 300 Million USD. He is one of the best retail traders in the world and he just do trading in the Japanese stock market. In this video we gonna learn a little bit about his path as a trader and how he became one of the most famous traders in the world.


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  1. The crypto market is currently experiencing a bull run and a lot of newbies see this as a chance to get in on the action, I think I'll let others hold the bag. This happens anytime something moons. I've seen with Bitcoin in 2018, in the silver market, the oil market, housing and even about individual stocks. When something moons like this, sorry, you are too late. My advise if you are planning to go in the Crypto Market is you should trade with a wise approach rather than buying Crypto, holding it to make gain and then get disappointed by an imminent crash in a few weeks.
    if you are new to the trading world you should seek the help of an expert trader

  2. Do you know want kind of Wyckoff Method he is using? Maybe the spring pattern or down thrust?

  3. I am Japanese and do trade as well but how did you confirm that he use wycoff? He seems to not look at the charts at all on the old TV show. Just looking at the numbers of multiple stocks and looking at the correlations

  4. 1:00 man this is full of spelling mistakes
    He DOESN'T spend money
    He HAS a diet
    He never TRAVELLED abroad
    He DOESN'T have any family
    He endED up buying
    In THE beginning

  5. He is a great inspiration for everyone , he is a great investor and trader

  6. You can’t just remove emotions and not know what you’re doing Lool, that’s not how trading works, you need to know exactly what is going on in every moment

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