BlazBlue – Fighting Game Retrospectives – Part 1

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The time has come to jump into one of the biggest, wildest, most imaginative fighting games of this or any generation. Get ready because the wheels of fate are turning as we take on the Blazblue retrospective.

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0:00 – Intro
6:16 – The Making of BlazBlue
19:30 – Calamity Trigger
43:12 – Continuum Shift
1:09:20 – Chrono Phantasma
1:24:07 – Central Fiction
1:42:50 – BlazBlue Spinoffs
1:53:11 – Cross Tag Battle
2:01:09 – BlazBlue Alternative Dark War
2:04:40 – The Future


20 comentários em “BlazBlue – Fighting Game Retrospectives – Part 1

  1. Izanami's got such an incredibly cool unique mechanic and it's not even her drive: pressing up while in the air makes her stand in place allowing for her full suite of ground normals while airborne. The concept itself is cool, and the combos get real crazy.

    Incredibly surprised that after going on about most of the characters' unique mechanics, you completely skipped one of my favorite's.

  2. There’s one additional feature that I appreciated in Continuum Shift Extend: the Calamity Trigger recap. Now for console players at the time, this isn’t a big deal. However, the PC version of Calamity Trigger is a port of the arcade version, so there’s no story mode, and I think the Calamity Trigger recap does a really good job of telling the cliff notes version of the first game for those who might have missed out.

  3. As someone who did follow BlazBlue for the plot, I'm def gonna say it's HUGE. Good luck trying to piece it all together. And good job for this video so far!

    And yeah, sadly Dark War was fun but given how much the lore was important to me, having it purely in JP was kind of less fun.

  4. BlazBlue wasn't my first fighting game, but it definitely was the one that actually got me hooked up. I have so many find memories of the series that I honestly can't list all of them. I adore how much love and care Mori put into the series. Especially how the first thing created was out Lord and Savior Hakumen.

    Also on a subject of "simplicity" I feel like BBCF got it perfectly. It's is actually really easy to pick up (proper buffering for inputs, one button supers, many macros, easy bnb's actually exist and amazing tutorial mode), but the skill ceiling is absolutely insane. Kinda best of both worlds

  5. The first two blazblue games with the story mode felt like filler until the 3rd and final game where the story really does take off. But any blazblue game i have played i always enjoyed the gameplay a lot and the other modes.

  6. They are bringing BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (and Guilty Gear Strive) to Xbox and to Game Pass in Spring ‘23.

  7. The english dub is absolutely stellar and it's sad they didn't bring it back for the last installment.

  8. Cant believe they tried the mobile game / live service route… why havent developers learned thats a bad idea.

  9. Fun Fact: Tsubaki's Help Me Professor Kokonoe is just Julie Ann Taylor talking to herself, literally.

  10. Since you won’t explain it. I’ll do it for you.

    Basically the entire story is a fanfic the very first saya aka ragna’s sister from the real world Brought to life while piloting the body of god so she can have an eternal hard on watching her brother save her or her replicas while everyone else REALLY don’t want that to be their entire life. Including her own fanfic brother who


    Erased himself from existence while recreating the world into a place without him or the black beast so everyone doesn’t have to deal with his original world saya’s big brother kink.

  11. Great video! The only game of the franchise I really play is Central Fiction but it was still really interesting to see such a detailed breakdown of it all. And I may have only played Central Fiction but it's definitely my all time favorite fighting game. My heart is in pain for BlazBlue right now. I hope something good happens for it in the future.

  12. Really impressed about te solo modes there. Like KOF I knew about BlazBlue for a while but didn't played mainly because no one I knew did, but after I bought the latest installment on Steam, I liked the series, already found 2 characters I really like in Amane and lambda, although I can't really play online as I just get beat in a blink.

  13. It took me years to understand 2% of BlazBlue Lore

    It's more confusing than the Nasuverse

  14. BlazBlue truly is something special, and it brings forth something I don't think any other game (especially fighting game wise) that matches it

    And while I think CF and BBTAG ended the series on a high note, it really does look like BlazBlue has a unclear future ahead of it, and that's scary….