BLACK FRIDAY ON TRADINGVIEW. How to get a 60% discount on pro, pro + and premium accounts?

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BLACK FRIDAY ON TRADING VIEW. How to get a 60% discount on pro, pro + and premium accounts?
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🔎I will answer these questions:
– how to get a 60% discount on PRO, PRO + and PREMIUM accounts?
– and what benefits and opportunities can you get?

🔶 TradingView is a platform for chart analysis and a social network where more than 30 million traders and investors around the world explore the possibilities of global markets. It is a place where traders analyze assets to the fullest, using technical analysis tools. They have a very good deal right now-trading view package sale 60%!!!

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00:00 – Intro
00:45 – tutorial about trading view package
01:00 – about PRO package
02:12 – about PRO+ package
03:10 – about Premium package

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  1. sorry but thank u for vedeo but any one in youtube dont tell about fees of buying and the question important of the biginner what the best coin i will buy in it and show as the steps of buying plz if u are here reply to me

  2. great video. it was exactly what i was looking for and what i needed to know. DOUBLE THUMBS UP

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