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Hello, In this video I share the profits of Youtuber Satoshi Aoki, how made 2000$ with the grid tading binance bot, branded Bitsgap Bot.

Here is his video:

This is an amazing profit, done automatically, you only have to set properly you grid binance trading, and allows the binance trading bot – Bitsgap bot to work in your binance exchange.


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Watch the video completely to get 2000 $ passive income with the bitsgap bot exclusively on this channel. Keep watching this channel for the more informative video.
If you have any queries, please let me know in the comments. Thank you for your support!

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  1. heyyy! do you feel using the strategies that are shown backtested 3 days, weekly and monthly to do good??

  2. Good video man, I have 3 questions:

    1) How did you determine the initial amount of your money to allocate to each of your 10 bots per pair? Like $500 for ADA/USDT, $250 for ETH/USDC, etc. or did you equally divvy up among them, and then you added more money to the more profitable bot over time?

    2) How did you decide when it was time to close a bot down? If it started not making as much profit or you started losing money on it?

    3) How did you choose the specific pair bots? Did you follow the strategies section which show the profit percentage for each pair (3-day, week, or month)?

    Thanks in advance, really appreciate it and wish you the best of success in all your endeavors

  3. Yo man, I have 20k USD. I've been trying out the bitsgapp a fair bit but I just wondered what you thought would be some solid pairs to use in order to get 0.5% – 1% per day. Or just go all in on btc/usdt?

  4. How much are you paying in trading fees everyday or is it automatically pulled out from the coins as it trades?

  5. hypertheticly. If I never plan to sell my BTC. Is it risk free if I was to pair it with USDT to create passive income?

  6. They freaking shilling this service. Prolly paid shitload to everyone to promote this.
    All the influencers are recommending this. A similar service exists for a very long time.

  7. Question:

    The investment 4223 USDT, Change -4.51, bot profit +1.79 What is my real results? Are my results -4.51 down because of the Change, or my results are only (-4.51) (-) (+1.79) = -2.72, so am I only down -2.72? Trying to figure this out, with my poor English skills I couldn't really understand the articles on the website.

    Can you tell me in a stu,pidly simple way possible please, what my results are?

  8. If your accumulating eth, for example, is eth going into your wallet or BTC? And the alt coins that you’re trading on, are they bought automatically with BTC from your designated exchange?

  9. How are y’all choosing when to pull out profit, to retain? Or does it just continually accumulate a pool that it buys from and sell to?

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