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Bitcoin: Will It Hold?

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Will the 20W SMA and/or the 21W EMA hold for Bitcoin on the first major test of 2021? The last time the price of Bitcoin tested this critical level was all the way back in September 2021. Is Bitcoin too far gone to realistically hold it? Or will we have a grueling but successful test of the 20W SMA? Let me know what you think in the comments!



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Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice.



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  1. Obviously everyone watching this channel is more sensible than people who watch dogetubers and shill scam coins but please be careful. We're at a point in the cycle where a significant short term pullback is a possibility and it might be a good idea to evaluate your portfolio. Did you chase a pump in a moment of weakness? Are you over leveraged? Are you okay waiting months, possibly years to see any roi or even break even? Most importantly, do you think you might need that money in the short term?

    I'm no financial advisor and this is not financial advice, just take care of yourself. Don't be the reason people post suicide hotlines on crypto reddit or miss rent/mortgage payments.

    gl in the cryptoverse everyone :^)

  2. Many thanks, Benjamin. I am worried that a single man with his tweets can ruin the outcome of even the best technical analysis.

  3. Watching for an update from you on this. I moved into 75% back into cash. I might lose a little upside if I called it wrong, but it may give me a massive advantage if we dip.

  4. This is a good analysis but a little heavily reliant on SMAs. I prefer at least one or two other factors considered such as support/resistance, volume, fibs, sector
    rotation etc.

  5. It has a possible inverse 4 bar play on the daily chart kinda scary also the bearish engulfing o the weekly if it closes at current price. Fingers crossed

  6. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  7. That was awesome rally for Benjamin channel. I remember here was 20ksub few moments ago. Thinks moving fast in crypto

  8. Also, we are below the Pi cycle top ribbons, so if you subscribe to that indicator as having utility in predicting market/local tops and believe in the 2-top cycle, the longer we stay in a consolidation phase, the higher the potential next top is.

  9. Benji when i add 20w SMA and 21EMA in Tradingview/Indicators , it shows 20w SMA at 37300 and 21W EMA at 46600 . I'm confused. Am i doing something wrong?

  10. what about the 28k BTC stored ok Binance wallet?how much the price will fall if they got sold?Will it trigger a cascade of selling and a colapse to 20k?

  11. Long story short. Take this consolidation as your opportunity to jump into this bull run or buy mkre of your favorite crypto asset

  12. Great content but unfortunately we don’t know what to do until it’s too late.

  13. Best and most honest crypto channel i watch. My go to for honest price predictions, I watch this channel daily. Thanks Ben.

  14. Btc looks more like it’s been in a sideways channel for a while than anything else. My honest guess is we hold here.

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