Bitcoin: Long Consolidation

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Bitcoin is starting to show some signs of life but it still sits approximately 10% below its prior all-time-high (ATH). With Bitcoin continuing to trend sideways when looking at the last 2.5 months, it is clearly no wonder why the Bitcoin dominance has dropped so much. With that said, we know that Bitcoin reserves the right to take all bullishness back from the market whenever it wants to. In this video we discuss many of the various moving averages that Bitcoin has been interacting with over the last several months and speculate on what may be coming. Where do you think the price of Bitcoin is headed? Let me know in the comments!



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43 comentários em “Bitcoin: Long Consolidation

  1. That moment when you realizes there are MAs of various time scales to fit any story where Bitcoin is “bouncing” or “breaking”.

  2. Early saving and investing money creates compound growth, It's a beautiful thing. But it takes focus and discipline. You need to be focused enough to commit to a plan and a process.

  3. Can you try and predict the bottom of the next bear market based on history? Great videos btw!

  4. I was talking with my parents yesterday and told them that I invested some money in bitcoin. They were pretty mad and repeatedly told me to "stay away from that crypto shit". Can't wait until bitcoin hits 100k

  5. What would be the probability that there is no more market cycles and we have flatend out and reached a niveau of rather 'small' future returns?

  6. Confused. I always thought that altcoins go up when bitcoin goes up.

  7. Great advice to take profits back to Bitcoin. It was my intuition to do that, but nice to have the solid analysis. I appreciate your measured technicals!

  8. How do you mean BTC is protection from downside risk?

    It can drop too and has fallen like anything else in the past.

  9. haha I love that fact that you call sideways action "nonsense". We are sooo bullish…! 8:05

  10. It doesnt look like a market cycle top because this time its different. So many people are in, its not a bubble any more

  11. My bitcoin mining stocks are being ruined by short sellers I need bitcoin to rip their faces off and I need it ASAP

  12. I might be wrong, Bitcoin may hang on the 50k to 65 k zone until Jun 2021 produce room for alts doing what it should do.

  13. Dude! You answered my questions without me even asking them in one video. You’re a blessing my brother!

  14. Hey Ben,,,, Jammin'….. could you comment on the Monthly MacD of ETH/BTC doin' the Golden Cross comin up from the depths of hell to the Glory and the Dollars Above.

  15. I swear. If Ben ever changes his patented abrupt "bye." at the end of the video, I won't know what to do

  16. Next video will be recorded from a cellphone and Ben won’t even have a shirt on. All in or go home.

  17. Like your videos, your point of view and your channel a lot.
    only one thing missing …
    a better microphone would really go a long way
    and make your channel perfect ; )

  18. Maybe just maybe it takes a trillion dollars to move BTC to 100k which is a lot of money to go all in bitcoin.

  19. Someone tell me why comparing the price movements of something to a line derived from its average has any meaning whatsoever…

  20. Can’t ignore the massive weekly divergence on mri. BTC needs a good dump and V recovery to reset the sentiment and indicators.

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