Bioenno Power 160 Watt-Hour Renewable Power Pack | Solar Generator, Off-Grid Power

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The BPP-160 from Bioenno is a 160 Watt-Hour Power Pack / Solar Generator that will give you AC and DC power when you are away from grid power, and has a built-in solar charge controller so that you can connect a solar panel directly to it. Take a look at the video and let me know your comments below!


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  1. too many adaptors to carry along… it should just have the appropriate industry standard port.

  2. Nice review! I got the 120 Watt solar panel kit with a 20 Ah battery. I wouldn't want to hike with it but I can keeps my phone, and my IC 718 running all day with sunlight. The number is BSK-120 and it came with a brick for wall outlet charging, charge controller, battery, folding panels, carrying case for the panels, and cables. It's great for car camping.

  3. Great video Jason and I am a big fan of Bioenno batteries! I have the 12Ah version to power portable Ham operations as well as at the Model flying Field to charge plane packs. Any feedback on RFI and EMI from this unit? Typically, the ones sold on Amazon to the general consumer market (not Bioenno) need their own call sign because everything in the unit emits a lot of grunge! I mean the inverter, Solar charge controller etc. make them unusable for field operations. General consumers could not care less about this. Just curious…. 73

  4. I have this and use it to charge my laptop and phone which power-wise takes a beating while portable for logging and hotspot while doing POTA and camping. Great video as usual!

  5. There's portable car battery jump starters with all the plug connections. You get this plus you can jump start a car.

  6. These are great to have. After the Texas freeze I bought a 500w with 100w solar panels. I'd also like to get one of the larger ones that will power other appliances and heaters. They're quiet and can be kept in the house. The gas generators can be loud and stolen easily.

  7. If you lived in a apartment style condo and only had a 5×10 balcony and could have only one antenna which one would it be and why? Also, what is more important number of bands or watts/power? Thx

  8. gas generators don't regenerate gas either ;p ehehe.
    looks cool. definitely in the market, just needs to be moar bigaggarrr

  9. I see I can re-charge it from the car and solar panels. How do I charge it on AC before I go camping ? Do I need to buy another accessory ?

  10. This actually ain't that bad a deal, considering their 12v 12ah LiFePO4 battery is $125 by itself. Sure I could probably build a 13Ah 3S5P for about $50, but by the time you throw in a balancer, inverter and all the misc parts…why bother?

  11. Thanks for the review! I just ordered one. I was expecting much more money for the capacity! Can you run your rig while having it connected to a solar panel? Are their panels noisy? TNX!

  12. I bought an AllPowers 300W portable Solar power station along with a foldable AllPowers 60W Solar Panel a while back after watching a YT's Will Prowse channel on these units pros and cons a while back…Fortunately I had shared the info and purchase with friends and family in Texas before the tragic cold snap that hit them…They were ready and they survived and were able to help other's….looking forward to your review on this unit.

  13. He doesn't list it on the website because, like every good engineer, he builds in a safety margin.

  14. Great and informative video! I am going to go broke if you keep showing me all these awesome products lol.

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