BIG POWER! 5100Wh Bluetti EP500 Battery Generator TEST & Review

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The BIGGEST BATTERY SOLAR GENERATOR available today. Just announced the Bluetti EP500 is huge in every way! I review this monster & put it through lab grade tests with REAL RESULTS to help you decide if this might be the perfect portable power station for you. I received the Ep500 at no cost, no other payment & Bluetti did NOT get to preview or approve the video.

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29 comentários em “BIG POWER! 5100Wh Bluetti EP500 Battery Generator TEST & Review

  1. $3200 is approaching whole-home battery price of $5000 – which has 5-7kw output (Enphase or LG RESU). 5KWh compared to ~10kWh.

  2. These types of generators could be useful for the beginning parts of apocalypses or when you're out of power in your city for a couple weeks.. Having two to three of these would be enough to take care of the refrigerator and deep freezer for a while.
    These are also starting to become a actual incredibly viable option compared to buying gas for gas generators due to the prices rising.

  3. Electric stuff is complex and complicated
    5100wh actually means 4000wh 20% loss in Power simply duo to dodgy advertising

  4. Great video , but , I would have liked to have seen how long you could run a refrigerator , or a freezer , or lights , etc .since that is what we are most likely going to use it for, and since this unit claims longer run times, that is what I hoped you would focus your video on .

  5. I watch a lot of your videos and I respect your opinions. But to say this is a “preorder” on Kickstarter and that you will get your money back feels very misleading.

    I have followed this project and felt like it could be a really good solution for my needs. My concern is Kickstarter itself. I’ve backed multiple projects on Kickstarter that just never fulfilled. You are out the money with no way to ask for a refund. One project I’m dealing with right now, claims they don’t have the funds to ship, but they are selling the product online. The whole site is set up with no protection to the backers.

  6. Can it charge while being used?

    Looking at building a little diy camper (chevy express). This would make an excellent power supply… assuming it doesn’t crank out excessive heat in a confined space.

  7. No more kickstarter for me. Been burned one too many times on this Chinesium sourced nonsense.

  8. First I love your reviews, but couldn’t help but notice your eb70 Bluetti review was not positive.. (and that’s fine, I have a Jackery, no problem with honesty)… but my question is your thoughts on Bluetti with this unit? The other review kind of tainted the Bluetti name IMO vs just the unit. I don’t think that’s your intent, it is just how I felt about it after watching it, and made me question “this unit, the Ep500”. (Hope that makes sense)

  9. I love these videos pleasee when you can if you find more solar generators and test it

  10. I'm happy that I bought the Briggs And Stratton P4500 electric generator, also the Wagan 1500 Plus , and the Phoenix Elite 300 solar stations.

  11. Some people don't seem to understand that they may not have access to gas. Its the whole point of mine if these.

  12. I will wait for mark 2 or 3 it is too big and heavy they need to wait for LFP done TESLA BATTERY DAY approach for denser cells.

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