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Best Profitable Forex EA Trading Robot – from $100 to $3,43,921 in one month

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Best Forex Expert Advisor Trading Robot – from $100 to $3,43,921 in one month:

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Skype: jadu022


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  1. Hello traders, I saw many of your comments that you are asking for the EA to some of my clients. Mention that this EA only you'll get from [email protected] and it is binded to each account number. So it'll not work on another account.

  2. Do you mind sharing view only ID and Password so I can look forward to it and decide.

  3. Most people don't focus on the testing module quality, should be 99.99 %
    You see huge difference between accurate test and not accurate one

  4. The spread is the key lol.. i have made EA like this.. practically it doesnt work lol.. because of spread

  5. Greetings friend, how can I get that bot or where can I see more tests. I am interested if the price could be accessible, thank you I hope your answer

  6. Where can i download this ea. You certainly don't need money when it works so well so you can give it away XD

  7. OK, why didn't you deposit 100 real dollars in an account and let the BOT do its thing? Demo is the closest to a real account and you didn't even use a demo account. Its an effing strategy tester for crying out loud. use this robot to trade for a month and show us the account history.

  8. you can setting up the EA using history data, if first time loss, you can change the setting and it will change the profit, because you know the past how currency is moved, but in feature it will have no guarantee to make this result, right? sorry for my bad English, hope you all understand what I mean

  9. Nice Profitable EA . In just few days of use i have double my captial .Thanks Sir

  10. Hello can you tell me if that real? or what is your strategy apart from putting pending orders i would say micro pendings orders how is that possible in a 5 min timeframe ??????? not bad all but i can´t understand thank you if you can show me the logic alsoo will be good if it is in a Real account no Tester.

  11. Wow, how cool! You are certainly amazing, I subscribe to your channel, I hope you keep uploading good videos

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