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0:00 Intro
2:39 What is EA Pip Scalper?
4:45 How does it work?
5:16 Is it an AutoTrader or an Indicator?
5:49 What is the accuracy
7:09 Backtesting EA Pip Scalper
12:14 Countries Allowed
12:49 How can you get it?
14:27 How can you install it?
15:16 How much can you make with it?
15:48 Do I recommend it?

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Disclaimer: As per CFTC Rules, U.S Traders should not trade Binary Options. Investing in CFD involves a level of risk, which is why potential or total loss can be a result of mismanagement of our trading tools. This video is for educational purposes and should not be taken as investment advice. This video may include affiliate links, which means that if you use any of those links I may get a small commission.

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29 Comentários

  1. Do i add the updated version to the charts now or the original one to start auto trading.
    And why does it take so long to pick trades.

  2. Completed all the installation and got smiley face in corner but BOT still not working. Any ideas.

  3. If you have more than 1 broker can you apply this software on all your brokers or your limited to 1?

    Great content and easy to understand as well thank you.

  4. Hi Chris, just 2 follow up questions…

    1.) Can we use EA scalper software into a different brokers as well as to another PC or laptops? I mean if I will purchased that EA bot and install/embed this to either MT4 or MT5 to my 3 laptops with different brokers and different accounts at the same time, can I still used it with one LICENSED KEY?

    Another question is,
    2.) if I will install it, this time with same account and the same broker but different devices, in such a way I will install it with 3 laptops and 2 PC Desktops and 2 iphone units and 2 samsung phone units, can that EA bot still run with the same LICENSED KEY that I already used on my other devices? Hope you can answer my 2 questions. Thanks

  5. Hi. Don't buy a mac. Get a windows vps to run the ea. It's $10 a month. Runs 24/7. No hassle.
    Good review.

  6. thank you christian, i have been waiting for u to review this robot, pls do full details on this robot, thnak u

  7. Hi chris can you show how to do this on the Autotrader 1) how to start the strategy tester 2) how to add the optimization result to the EA after attaching it to the chart 3) how it look like when the EA is running on the chart 4) Thanks

  8. I bought this bot. I created 200 dollars DEMO ACCOUNT with 1:50 leverage. It's MT4. I waited over 5 hours. Nothing happened. Can you please tell me how to apply BOT for DEMO Account? I'm new to this bot. Please help me..

  9. i just bought the EA pip scalper now, can you give a broker that will work in U.S? thnks

  10. Hi I just bought this but when I test this with the same number as yours I got totally different result. Would you mind to share the optimization or something else i need to do.

  11. When there is a crash in the market, this algo trader will do? Or do must I stop????

  12. Could you use this on a 1min time frame? Also whats the win rate as in wins and losses?

  13. While the bot is trading, can we still put manual trades in ower self? For example via the phone. Or do we have to turn the bot off for this?

  14. Hello Cris. If I am using auto traders to trade in forex should I trade manually also? Or should I use only auto traders?

  15. Hi . I like your video . I interested in this EA . If i open many chart with xau/usd with percentage 2 or 5 % with time fram 1h or 30 min and balance 1000 $ . are it good or not . Another things that can you make many video about this robot .

  16. Thanks Cristian, I really like all of your videos but I have not been able to decide or take action and the reason is that I have been mislead on so many occasions. Please I will like talk or chat with you though I know you’re very busy. How can I reach you.

  17. What if the broker blocked the account becoz of the robot detected in the system. Can u suggest the broker to use this system without any account blocking issues using robot?

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