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Discover how you can money trading rule based trading strategies. Let me show you the process I have developed in over 10 years trading:

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In this video or presentation I show you a powerful technique in which you can determine the best day to trade forex. We will be looking at the best day of the week to trade both long and short.

I will show you an example using EUR/USD but the same principles apply to other markets.

This method will help you as a day trader and also someone who holds short term trades overnight.

It’s a very useful method which you might not have seen before. And through my experience as a trader, finding methods which other people are not using is a good way of trading with an edge.

The test is using 12 years of previous price data. I have written a short code in Multicharts, my trading platform which simply buys at the start of the trading session and exits at the session end. This is done for each day of the week. The results then show the bias towards each day. A positive number means the market is set up to rally and good for buying opportunities and a negative number is good for short selling opportunities.

See the bar chart for a visual representation of the data acquired.

I hope this is of help to you guys and I hope you put this method into use. If you have any questions then leave them below. Please like the video and subscribe.

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12 comentários em “BEST DAY TO TRADE FOREX

  1. Do you use multicharts for Futures or Forex trading? Wanted to ask if these strategies you mentioned. Which platform is best to use it for?

  2. Hello sir,
    Can u tell me name of software like multicharts present in India? Plz? I cannot find any gud one here

  3. Thanks for your effort, And you have included the win loss ratio and %profit. These tell us that the Max Intraday Drawdown is negligible compared to the total profit that
    can be accumulated for each day London session. This means that its almost random (0.05% variable) You obviously understand this. Ive been down your road, and there are no
    patterns that can be exploited. Why? because the genius thing about market makers is all they do is move to take out stops. They are only looking for the most stops and if
    its profitable for them to flash the price to take the stops… as soon as people start acting in the same way the market makers take those stops.
    So the markets evolve and patterns change to other patterns The only predictable thing is price moves. and it moves quite a bit before moving in the other direction.
    Thats all you have, nothing else…. nothing clever can be used…. So forget indicators, just use a tipping scales indicator and find an entry techneque that no one else is using.
    I am not sure but i think, you are having a real laugh. Smoking drugs and filming videos. No Disrespect, the markets are a laugh and if there was a pub open, i am up for a drinking piss up.
    especially if you based in central london.

  4. This is fascinating. I tested this on my own current strategy.

    I discovered that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all strongly profitable days. Thursday was a losing day (for both long and short positions!). And Friday made a small profit (either direction), but only a fraction of what the first 3 days did individually. Fascinating!

  5. can you do a vid for swing traders comparing monday-friday trading vs just trading tues-thursday

  6. is it possible to get the code for this backtest, I like to backtest some indices, I use profile for my overall market view and order flow, market internals and confluence for my entry, but I'm really interested in automating longer-term strategies, love the vlogs, I'm learning a lot, cheers

  7. Thanks for sharing! Any speculation to why certain days are different in this case? What I would like to test in the near future (maybe you already have) is to break up the 12 year testing period into smaller samples (like 4 chunks of 3 years or 12 chunks of 1 year) to see if the individual smaller samples follow the same pattern as the larger 12 year sample. Those smaller samples should still be sufficiently large to reveal any tendancies, and if this is more than just noise, the results should be similar.

  8. Great video Jarrod!this sort of stuff is easily overlooked and worked for many years for Larry William's.Keep them coming.Thanks!

  9. So….if you blindly followed this strategy, shorting on Mon, Thu and Fri, and going long on Tues and Wed….what does that look like on the equity curve? For example – the last 6 full months? Do I need to learn coding to build testing strategies like this? And great work stimulating my thinking – thanks.

  10. I'm sharing a very powerful technique in which you can get ahead of most other traders. Hope you find it helpful guys!

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