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What are the best crypto trading bots for beginners? Ive tested 4 cryptocurrency trading bots in 2021. Gunny-bot 3commas, bitsgap, and kucoin. #crypto #cryptocurrency #tradingbots #cryptobots

00:00 Best Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners 2021
00:10 3commns vs bitsgap
01:00 3commas crypto trading bot
01:35 Bitsgap Crypto Trading Bot
02:30 3 commas review 2021
04:00 Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Intro
05:30 bitsgap review 2021
07:00 Kucoin Crypto Trading Bots








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  1. I just started using trading bot this weekend. I am using crypto hopper it took me all weekend trying to learn it. Is crypto hopper a good bot or sould I switch to bitgap?

  2. Is this for real? I just joined 2 days ago, and my account balance has already ballooned to a staggering $27,484.98!!!

  3. CORRECTION: you said you only put $1100 in there… when it was clearly $10,999… so you made ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS off of ELEVEN THOUSAND.

  4. Did you read anything about Graphene architecture? I heard it is much faster than another mainnet ( 1000000 transactions per sec) and without any pre-mine. So I wanna to purchase $PHR tomorrow…

  5. I live in Texas, so binance is not permitted in my state. What broker would you use in Texas to trade altcoins with the bot that’s legal here and still trades fast w/ possibly no transaction fees

  6. If I were to use bitsgap do I have to sign up for every exchange that I want to be available for potential arbitrage trades?

  7. My boyfriend just got 3 commas yesterday and 3 hours he made $180 and the today he made $800 his original investment was 2900 and he is almost up to 4000. He did have to use a vpn to run it. He has trained robots for businesses so this is perfect for him. It's crazy because today was not even a good day in crypto.

  8. How are y’all choosing when to pull out profit, to retain? Or does it just continually accumulate a pool that it buys from and sell to?

  9. I reallyappreciate hollad_ hacks on !G I can make up to six digits of dollars from him now thank you sir

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