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Best Crypto Trading Bot for Beginners 2021 | Reliable, Profitable & Plug N Play 😎

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Best crypto trading bot for beginners in 2021. Reliable, profitable and plug & play. This is the safest automated crypto trading bot. Behind the scenes we have been working for 3 years to create the warrior trading bot. We have fine-tuned this bot in those 3 years and it’s optimized to perform in any market (bear & bull): the strategy is to make the most money possible with taking the least amount of risks. The bot is super easy to set up (only link the Api key) & you can Register here: More info below⮯

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✪ Our goal is to make you as much profit as possible 24/7 with a minimal amount of risk. Unlike many other bots, we prevent taking risks. Once your money is blocked in a negative position, you not only lose money, you can’t use this money for new trades.
Our strategy is built to prevent locking money in negative positions and thus maximizing your profit. We do this in many ways. The most significant factor is that our smart AI warrior bot looks at the evolution of the last 200 days before our bot decides to make a ‘buy’. But that’s not all.

✪ We also look at what buyers and sellers are doing. If the bot sees that there are too many sellers, the bot will consider this as a perfect moment to buy. You should always go against the market in order to make profit. Combined with the 200 days history, we have 2 extremely strong signals to prevent opening of negative trades.
Another way we optimize your trading velocity, is by taking small profits.
We sell as soon as we have +/- 1% profit.
Our AI warrior trading bot also works only with a stop loss. As long as the market is going up, we will go up as well. But as soon as there is even a very small drop, it will not take any risk and sell immediately.

🏦Supported exchanges🏦

Bitpanda, bitvavo, hitbtc, okex, binance,, bitfinex, bittrex, coinbase pro, huobi pro, kraken, kucoin, poloniex. Make sure to register with my links to get a bonus and the most of your experience. Check my kit for the correct links:

💱Supported coins💱

These are the standard coins : bitcoin, Ethereum, chainlink, DOT, Litecoin, cardano, bitcoin cash and UNI.
The AI warrior trading bot can trade around 80 coins on 10 exchanges. The supported coins differ per exchange.


We only make money when you make money.
There is however a minimum charge of 19,95€/month (VAT excl.) in fuel. This in order to keep our infrastructure running for you.
☞ For the bot to start running you’ll need to first buy fuel (19.95 euro or fuel for 1 month). Each bot has its own virtual machine, electricity costs, bandwith etc. 1 Fuel is 1 euro.
☞ Aditionally we charge 10% of your successful trading profits in fuel. This money allows us to develop more features and above all fine-tune the AI warrior bot into the best crypto trading bot of all!

TIPS: the minimum suggested amount to start is 1000 euro, or a fiat equivalent. The AI warrior trading bot supports all of the major base currencies.

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