Best Crypto Exchanges 2021 – Trading Platforms to Buy Bitcoin

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Best Cryptocurrency exchanges 2021 – Best trading platforms to buy Bitcoin. Best cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency trading platforms to buy Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. How to buy bitcoin? Use these Crypto exchanges and crypto trading apps.


Cryptocurrency exchanges re the venues where you can trade bitcoin and invest in cryptocurrency – these differ from crypto wallets where you can store you crypto. Crypto exchanges and crypto trading platforms offer the ability to trade, with key features being security, fees and ability to deposit fiat currency in exchange for buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Binance
2:59 Coinbase
5:19 eToro
7:50 Robinhood
9:15 Kraken


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  1. Hi…Please where can I invest and make good profits without being scared of loosing my money ….I’m actually looking for a good trader that can help me manage my trade and make good profits for me at the end of the day

  2. My bank has been blocked to deposit money for forex/crypto trading. Please give me a solution for this issue.?

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  4. Nice video… The covid-19 global pandemic shut many financial institutions from functioning thereby rendering most people jobless & investors lost more than they ever thought of losing.

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  7. Binance is good but they get all of your info, like face recognition all of your Phone info info and then your computer, i hope they don't sell it to the government in China

  8. What you aren't mentioning, the government's reporting requirements on the exchanges! So much for being anonymous!

  9. Hey mate, subbed! Which exchanges do you use? I am also UK based and not looking to trade frequently but rather DCA into the likes of BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT etc…thanks in advance!

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  15. I'm using the app, but really having trouble transferring money from the app to my bank account. I spoke to my bank, and I gave them the Fiat account payee details, then sent a small deposit to the account, but the funds aren't showing up on my fiat balance. I'm sure the app is good, but I'm put off by it because it doesn't seem very reliable. A lot of other are also having issues with the app.

  16. Please reply if i wanted to buy a coin thats not binance where do i buy it "im in england"

  17. Binance has worst worst customer service ever. I don't know why u favor them in every of ur video.

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  20. You save my life, out of debt and I do not think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me, I we keep telling people about your good work in my life +1*8*1*5*9*8*5*2*7*3*6

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  24. Today I'm proud because I've gained more than I've loss in trading that's why I'll be forever thankful to @luna_kai_crypto_trade_

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  31. Bit'coin is the future, investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now, especially with the current rise, despite all the economic crisis. I think this is the best time to start up investment.

  32. We need more trading platforms for crypto that offer the chance to use play money first before using real money.

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