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When Gene Roddenberry passed away, producer Rick Berman took over Star Trek. The franchise continued not because of his efforts but in spite of them. Support Renegade Cut Media through Patreon:

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42 comentários em “Berman Trek | Renegade Cut

  1. After being pretty disappointed in how Picard wrapped up the first season, I went back and rewatched Discovery 1 and 2 and was just so impressed. I really love Discovery and am so glad to have good Trek again. I'm still hopeful Picard will sort itself out, I was just not pleased at all with the last few episodes. It's exciting to be watching Star Trek being made concurrently with me watching it. I watched a little Voyager when it was on the air, but my true interest and love for the franchise came after the first JJ Abrams movie. I liked it even though I knew very little about Trek and decided then I wanted to know more. I watched all of TNG, then DS9, TOS and so on. All of this has given me the perspective to know that even though parts of Picard were pretty bad, Trek has always had its share of bad and has kept moving forward. I see hot takes on YouTube about how Trek is Ruined now and I can't stand it. There's about as rich a tradition of Bad Trek as there is of Good Trek.

  2. The angry conservative fans of Discovery shows that the franchise is back on track of being actually progressive and we shouldn’t care for their un-ironic and double standard snowflake tendencies, they deny of ever being capable of.

  3. Berman was the worst.
    Honestly, you're assessments of Next Gen, DS9, and Voyager are for more generous than my own.
    Even as a kid watching Next Gen, I could tell they were holding back. By the time its run was over, I was painfully aware of how regressive it had become. And then DS9 with all its mysticism and magical thinking…ugh! Could there be anything less Trek?

  4. Not even a Star Trek fan, although I appreciate the influence and themes covered…or tried to cover….and this just makes me angry. Another hack suit who diminishes what should've been an even more ground breaking series just so they can what? Like what do people like Berman gain from being so restrained and combative over progressive ideals? Why even be part of a show you fundamentally are at odds with? He sounds like a forerunner for today's major studio management who now only virtue signal or completley fold to public pressure in order to secure that pay day. This guy sounds like an absolute shit bag either way.

  5. Wow … this explains SO MUCH about the Star Trek spin-offs in the '80s and '90s. It's a shame that no one could beam Berman into space.

  6. Slightly off-topic but how would i get into star trek? I've only seen the chris pines movies, wrath of khan, and the original series episodes "arena", "space seed", "mirror, mirror", "the trouble with tribbles" and the pilot "the man trap". Anyone got any advice on getting into the franchise?

  7. This is a great antidote to the recent RLM videos on Star Trek – which to me have a rather sinister undercurrent.

  8. What are your issues with the new shows? I for one cannot stand the swearing and Fbombs. And the drinking and doing drugs of Raffi. Why? Overall the new series seem dark and hopeless, if not dreadful.

  9. All of this makes me feel lost, I have always loved Star Trek. So it sucked when it was said that Roddenberry hurt the show. The implication was that Next Gen only got better after his death. And now I'm hearing that my beloved series to the end of Enterprise was harmed the whole time by Rick Berman.
    I was so offended by JJ prise, that I deny any "Star Trek" post Enterprise. I get that no one is perfect. I'm sorry, but maybe we should just stop trashing the original bosses and praise all the good people who gave us Roddenberry/Berman Trek Franchise. Being humans, we all have shameful secrets in our families that are best forgotten. Now I have to feel guilt for overly admiring Nichelle, Terri, Jerri, Nana… I meant no disrespect. guess I'm just a flawed hetro human.

  10. Voyager was the weakest of all the shows. I had some troubles with Enterprise but it was 10 times better than Voyager. The lack of consequences on Voyager rang false from the beginning. Two crews at war with one another join together and everyone gets along perfectly unless there was a plot reason not to for a moment.

  11. "knowledge is power" someone said. I have mixed feelings about knowing that one of the names who kept my favorite shows running after Rodenberry's premature departure was an actual burden to the series. It would be easy to hate him (and I'd have more reasons than others) now but right now I'd rather focus on the good that came out of it. Still, I'd also lilke something to come out of it, as in seeing past contributors to the franchise rise up and make something new, better and more inclusive.

  12. Enterprise now makes a lot of sense to me in this context. From the pick-up truck commercial ad background music berman THINKS passes up for a theme song (netflix's skip intro theme is the savior of the day here). To the gratuitous displays of skin and light foreplay in the "decontamination" room. T'pol nipples in those scenes looked look like they could've poked an eye out.. (o )( 0)
    Jeffry combs was good in D9 as well.

  13. the treatment of women was horrific. I remember not wanting to admit i watched voyager because of that cat suit…. it was too much- show was excellent otherwise, and jeri ryan did a fantastic job.

  14. Berman had us all thinking that it was Terry Ferrell's fault that she left at the end of the 6th season and Jadzia Dax didn't appear in the series finale montage. Poor Worf totally forgot his wife.

  15. The only thing I feel is wrong, is the inequality between men and women. Under me, they'd be paid the same, with equal chances at promotion and equal levels of respect. If the woman is better at a certain job than the man, he's fired (or demoted) and she's hired (or promoted).

    Then again, I do see people as simple things to be arranged and rearranged as I (or those I deem my equals) see fit. Things are equal, they're just things, after all.

  16. DS9 and the 4th season of ENT are great for the same reason. Never knew that. Makes you wonder how much better things could have been without him.

  17. Thank you for the eye opener on Berman…. and it explains why I loved DS9 so much more that TNG even though that was my intro to Trek, however I don't believe it's in good hands now.  Sure it's taking risks but failing at everything else…

  18. intentionally or not: Q had a thing for Picard and Picard liked it even if he wouldnt admit it xD

  19. Your rundown of gay characters on TV prior to TNG overlooks one very important one. Soap's Jody Dallas, played by Billy Crystal, was the first gay main character on a prime time TV show in 1978. True, many have expressed issues with how the the character was portrayed as the series progressed, but his inclusion was a breakthrough that , predictably, cost the show advertiser support and caused some affiliates to refuse to carry the show before they'd even seen an episode.

  20. Your video was one of the most gripping videos I have seen so far from RC. I don't want to imagine the amount of research put in to fill all of the 30 Minutes. There is only one thing that I would improve on the videos, which is clipping in the sound of the interviews of the crew members of the Star Trek franchise. I love your voice, but I'd love to hear the voices of the people involved with Bergman.

  21. You forgot Soap in the early 80’s that had Billy Crystal playing a re-occurring gay main character

  22. I saw a video recently from computingforever in the video where he said he missed the Rick Berman years (regardless of the issues he created) including Rick Berman himself. How would you think you would respond to the statements he made? The video itself is called "The State of Modern Star Trek and Why I Miss Rick Berman" by the way.

  23. Excellently put together and so right. I love Trek but have been very frustrated with some elements occasionally stopping real development in the characters and story telling. In fact I'm still gutted that Enterprise didn't have another season.