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Ayrex strategy. You can trade on http://bit.ly/trade-web ~ $10,000 demo!

Some of you may already know the strategy I’m using on Ayrex. I like Ayrex trading platform mainly because of the short-term expiries and the speed of execution. I haven’t noticed any delays so far. I can choose one minute, three minute or 5 minute expiries, and it works super fast. It isn’t like on IQ Option platform where you have to wait for the countdown.

As you can see, I am using Meta trader 4 with the MBFX system on a 1 minute chart and a 10 second chart on Ayrex. We are looking for a breaking over or under the bands, and this usually happens in the oversold or overbought conditions. The timing indicator shows us clearly when the price is in these positions.

The bands are helping me spot momentum, and the 10 second chart shows when the price starts to shift in that direction. In a way, I’m having Meta trader 4 get a signal for the direction, and I’m using the 10 second chart for confirmation.

The Euro/Yen is oversold, and it starts pushing UP again. On the Ayrex platform, the 10 second chart shows 3 green candles, and I am placing my Call trade. I usually trade 3 minute or 5 minute expiries, depending on the strength of the trend.

You can see a similar position on the Dollar/Yen in an UP trend. The 10 second chart is already showing strong movement, and I am placing a 5 minute Call binary option.

I usually follow 4 or 5 currency pairs, no more, and I look for oversold and overbought positions to place my trade. I won’t advise you on money management, but you should reach over an 80% win rate before you increase the stakes.

I also spot a good opportunity on Euro/Dollar. The price is not breaking the bands, but it found a lower resistance level, which is a good entry point for a Put binary option.

The Dollar/Yen contract expired in the money, but it was a lucky bet and I should have placed it with a 3 minute expiry instead of a 5 minute.

The Euro/Dollar is going in my direction. This will be my last trade for this session. The strategy works well for me, but your success will depend on your trading skills. You should keep in mind that you can’t solely rely on indicators. The indicators can give you the signal, but you need some knowledge of price action to decide on the entry point.

So, keep trading and learning on the charts! More screen time will increase chances to profit in binary options. To support our work, please subscribe and leave us a comment.

Disclaimer: Please note this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and it is not financial advice. You should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular trade or follow a particular strategy, only as an expression of his opinion.

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