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Automated Strategies in Crypto and My Own Bitcoin Bot Strategy

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Short introduction into what automated strategies are, two basic examples, my own strategy/live test, and how you can use automated strategies in your own crypto trading.

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  3. Hey man, you mentioned companies that can help with programming our own strategy linked below the video but I can't see any, can you please name some good ones?

  4. You mentioned linking sites where we can build our own bots. Can you share those links?

  5. Hey Luke, thanks for the explanation, here are 2 questions: Can one see all actual open positions? This would be interesting for those who consider getting started with it. And what about stop loss orders? Maybe the bot could suggest a SL % for every position? Taking positions without stop-loss orders is super risky, so with this the recommendations of the bot could be more comprehensive. What do you think?

  6. What are you using to place trades and perform backtesting? I have lifetime license to Ninjatrader and I found a company that has interface with several crypto exchanges for it, but I heard it's buggy. Trying to find someone that uses it. Thanks!

  7. Is the bot available for us to use, or just the twitter feed that shows the signals. I want to build my own not use yours, but I'm curious. Thanks.

  8. Can I implement the coinist bot on Bitmex so it automatically executes trades?

  9. Very GOOD!! Thank you Luke! Would be cool if you could separate the other shitcoins out or filter them.

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