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  1. I'm new to stocks…well far as wall st that is. But some terms like Bots…Puts.. Calls… are crazy terms I dont get. But I know I'll learn them soon. Keep up the educational process m th bro. Peace and blessings

  2. Learning alot from your channel. Curious also, as some others have mentioned, about some bots that use use something other than Coinbase. Any experience with that? From what I'm seeing Coinbase has substantially higher fees than binance or kraken.

  3. How long does it take for you to be able to trade these coins once deposited?

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  6. @the dream green show, I need help with pionex spot futures arbitrage bot. Usdt was not working so I used ethereum about $137.00 but I am still unable to trade. My question is it only use usdt for spotfutures bot only?

  7. Trading is easy and safe with the right help that's why I trade with Mrs Theresa she's the best

  8. Yup no more charts for me either bro glad I've grown with yall during this pandemic I am greatful

  9. Not into day trading but always love to learn more about the tools/stategies of the stock market.

  10. Great timing bro I was just hearing about these and want to know more, appreciate you sir

  11. When that was recorded? Eth 4k, btc 50k on your video. Hows bot managing this sell off?

  12. Trading bots are only programmed on what to do. For the people that figured out the settings for the bot are not going to share it. haha I know I'm not. Been tweaking the settings and back testing this bot for 6 months now. 70-80% win rate. I would not trust the bots that people are selling. Fast way to blow your account.

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